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Puristat Internal Cleansing is a line of wellness products manufactured by Abbott Industries, which is located in North Carolina. This line of products came about in 2002 to potentially assist men and women with cleansing their bodies from the inside out. The official website not only provided success stories, but you will additionally find the company address and a convenient 1-800 number for orders and inquiries. Fortunately all of the Puristat supplement formulas can be ordered directly through the website.

In the Puristat line, you will find products like the Colon and Liver Cleanse, Colon Cleansing (mild, moderate and advanced formulas), Advanced Supplementation (the complete digestive health supplement), Digestive Enzymes, Liver Cleanse, and Energy Enhancement with Ginseng Boost. To focus more specifically on one supplement formula, we will take a closer look at the Puristat Colon Cleanse. This is a combination of capsules and tablets, which are taken daily over a 30-day period. There are no shakes or powders involved with this program. Although there are three different levels of the Colon Cleanse, each one provides a seven-day colon cleanse, 30 days of digestive enzymes, 30 days on probiotics, and 30 days of digestive nutrients.


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Puristat is simply a line of health supplements that are claimed to cleanse the digestive tract, liver and colon. While the mild Colon Cleanse formula sells for $64.95, the moderate costs $89.95, and the advanced $114.95. Some of the key ingredients found in Puristat Colon Cleanse are Cayenne Pepper, Cascara Sagrada Bark, Aloe Leaf, Black Radish Root, Choline, Manganese, Lactobacillus Acidophilus and L-Glutamine. Although these Puristat supplements are claimed to clean out the user’s body and rid him/her of toxins, it does not appear that there are any weight loss components found in Puristat. This Colon Cleanse product does not call for an exercise regimen or special diet plan. There is a 45-day guarantee offered with all Puristat products.

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  • The Puristat line of supplement formulations are all aimed at cleansing the user’s body and promoting overall well being.
  • There is a solid 45-day satisfaction guarantee offered with Puristat supplements.


  • Individuals seeking a long-term weight loss formula will unlikely be satisfied with Puristat supplements.
  • There may be some ingredients found in these supplement formulas that are harmful to certain users.
  • Free trial samples are not available via the official website.
  • There are a lot of ingredients incorporated into these supplements.


After reviewing the official website for Puristat supplements, it is clear that these products are geared toward both women and men. Unlike many other supplement sites that place a focus on fat loss or weight management, this company narrows their goal down to bodily cleansing. By using an array of natural components, Puristat supplements aim to cleanse the body of toxins and unwanted waste. However, it is important to remember that many of these internal cleansing formulas can also pull positive bacteria from the user’s body, which is not beneficial. Be sure to speak with your doctor prior to taking something like Puristat Colon Cleanse.

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3 User Reviews about Puristat

  • 1

    This product does not work. It’s a waste of time and money. They pray on the sick and when it’s time to pay back what they owe because it doesn’t work they get rude. I asked to speak to a supervisor but never got a call back. When I called again I was put on hold for over 20 minutes. Yes I got the hint. Please do not order this product.


  • 2
    Stephen Gilman

    I did not order a second and third can of your snake oil. I want a complete refund. This is BS.



  • 3
    Bob Trout

    I am a frutose intolerent type 2 diabetic. Would the digestive enzymes be of any help for chronic gas, diarrhea and bloating?