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The Purple Diet is known as Hollywood’s 24 hour miracle diet. This diet is one of many juice diets, and it claims to help a person shed ten pounds in just 48 hours. For the 24 or 48 hour length of the diet, all food and beverage is forbidden except the Purple Diet juice, which is full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This diet also claims to detoxify the body.

List of Ingredients

A list of ingredients for the pasteurized natural fruit juice is not available at the time of this review.

Product Features

On this diet, two 8 oz. glasses of the juice and 8 oz. of water should be consumed each day.

The Purple Diet juice can be purchased online and costs around $10 per bottle.

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  • This juice diet is a fairly easy way to lose weight very quickly.
  • This diet product is caffeine free, unlike other liquid diets.
  • The purple juice has 100% of the 11 essential vitamins that are recommended by the USDA.
  • This diet can be used once a week.
  • This diet encourages individuals to continue their exercise routines while on this diet to add to the results.


  • Because this diet only lasts for a day or two, results cannot be expected to be permanent. People will quickly see the weight pile back on.
  • A juice diet where a person is basically fasting is not the healthiest kind of diet. It may be safe if done for just a day or two, but some people will be tempted to extend the diet in order to see more results and this would not be healthy.
  • Although the diet tries to encourage people to make healthy eating choices after finishing the diet, they do not give specific guidance or teach people what healthy eating is. Since this juice diet eliminates all other foods, it does not help a person learn about healthy eating or make a lasting impact in a person’s life.
  • This diet will probably make an individual feel sluggish throughout the day, because of the lack of food consumed.
  • This diet has a dangerously low calorie intake.
  • Any weight that is lost on this diet may be attributed to that fact that very few calories are being taken in. This would naturally occur and does not necessarily prove that the Purple Diet is effective in any way.


Although the Purple Diet may seem like the miracle diet that all the Hollywood stars know and love, it does not seem to be everything that it is cracked up to be. As with any diet, a physician should be consulted before a diet is begun. And people who want lasting weight loss results will most likely want to look elsewhere for a more permanent solution.

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