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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Sometimes we stumble upon a company that offers only a few supplements, but a great website. Purus Labs is one of those companies. The company website, logo and bottle labels are fantastic, especially for the bodybuilding community. Looking closely at the supplements does not prove to be as exciting, but that is not a huge surprise. There is a newsletter, contact information and company information on the official website. Each supplement is listed with a lengthy product description, but there is no clinical proof any of the supplements work as claimed. There is also a complete ingredient list, in label form, and an “ads” tab. This tab shows all of the current ads for the supplements.

List of Ingredients

Recycle, Organ Shield, Muscle Marinade, SLINShot and Fat Smack.

Product Features

Purus Labs is a unique company, to say the least. They offer information on each of the ingredients used in a given formula, but more than that, they offer the reader information that sounds scientific and professional. We found words like “postulated” and “endogenous.” Using big words may fool some readers, but not the competitive bodybuilder.

The ingredients in Purus Labs supplements are not as unique as the company, label and website, but many visitors will never see that because they are so caught up in the fantastic marketing push. While the supplements will never win an award for changing the face of bodybuilding, the company has already won awards for ingenuitive design.

So what is wrong with the supplements? Nothing is wrong, they just contain the same ingredients every other supplement in the category contain. Take Recycle. The supplement is supposed to promote natural levels of testosterone. As the company says, it is best to use your own testosterone. But, the ingredient list shows tribulus terrestris and mucuna pruriens. These ingredients are in just about every test booster on the market. We do see some new faces like Resveratrol. According to Purus Labs, Resveratrol inhibits estrogen, but we know this ingredient as an anti-aging antioxidant.

There is another interesting tab at the top of the Purus Labs website. It reads Purus Truth. The tab explains that too many supplement companies sell ineffective supplements without scientific proof so Purus Labs sells only proven supplements. Why is there no proof listed on the website?

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  • We love the look and feel of Purus Labs.
  • The company was awarded a prize in 2009 for bottle design.
  • All ingredients are listed in the product description.
  • The benefits of each ingredient are listed online.


  • The formulas do not have clinical backing (at least its not listed.)
  • Many of the ingredients are just replayed from similar supplements.


Purus Labs is hard to dislike with the beautiful website and design, but we think that’s the point of putting so much into the design. Marketing is top notch for this company, as the ads section shows, but that doesn’t mean the formulas are stellar. We found replayed ingredients that any bodybuilder could find in a hundred other supplements.

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