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Losing weight is not often something someone simply decides to do one day and then does perfectly. It is a tedious process that is difficult for the majority of people because they do not know how to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. Because of this the weight loss industry has exploded in recent years with weight loss supplements, diet books, workout videos, and fitness equipment. A wide range of products are now available in every price range and level of effectiveness. The thing that makes the Push Up Pump unique is that it offers a small and portable device that claims to make one of the most difficult exercises easier and even more effective.


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The Push Up Pump is a machine that is designed to make completing pushups more comfortable and more effective. The device is about as wide as the span of a person’s arms and about a foot high and six inches across. You place your chest on the chest pad and arms on the extensions and then press down in order to complete one push up. The system has three levels of resistance and the company offers free shipping. The suggested retail price of the product is $99 although this may be less if purchased on sale or through secondary markets. The company does offer a payment plan and there is a trial option where you are charged only $14.95 for 30 days.


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  • The product can easily be purchased directly from the manufacturer or other online retailers.
  • The manufacturers website is comprehensive and user friendly.
  • The company offers a low cost trial option.




  • This may not be appropriate for those new to strength training.
  • The price of the product is quite high.
  • There is little evidence that this would be easier or more effective than traditional pushups.
  • The product comes with no diet plan or additional exercises which would aid in weight loss.
  • Product claims are unrealistic.




If the company could promise every customer that he or she would look like the models used on the product website, virtually every person in the country would buy a Push Up Pump. Unfortunately, this product alone is not going to be sufficient to obtain those results. People who are already at their target weight and are simply looking for a way to more easily define their chest and arms might benefit from this product. However, anyone with a significant amount of weight to lose would not see benefits as quickly as claimed simply because they would have to lose the weight before they would be able to see the muscle definition that might occur. If you are interested primarily in losing weight begin with a healthy diet and exercise plan and the assistance of a weight loss supplement that has been clinically proven to curb appetite in burn fat.

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    I bought the push up pump several months ago but haven’t gotten around to using it like I should until now. Which handle exercise is best for sculpting the abs?


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    Teri Hemesath

    My credit card will be appealing the charge soon if your company does not credit my account. I have the email from October stating you received the return. Please credit my credit account to avoid this appeal.
    Thank you
    Teri Hemesath
    Atkins, IA 52206



    Just inform you credit card company- they will refund you and go after them, Never a need to fight with anyone for a refund when you used you CC.


  • 3

    I ordered the Push Up Pump and had no issues receiving it as some have had on other review sites. I have always had trouble doing pushups, and they were never my favorite exercise, I tried this product, and I can say it has helped me perform pushups. However, the base of the product is too small. As I am doing pushups the whole unit tips forward and becomes unstable. In fact if you even watch the DVD that comes with this pruduct you could see it somewhat tip forward. If they made that part of the base longer/wider, this would be a good product. It seems as though they skimped on that part of the unit.

    Please, let us all understand there is no magical product on the market that will make us look like the models on the website or infomercial. It takes hard work and dedication and this product could help anyone that actually uses the unit.