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One problem with many diet programs is that they do not cater to the needs of the individual. This is a problem because they may focus on the wrong workouts, eating habits, and supplement products. However, there is one unique weight loss method that is claimed to assist individual dieters. It is called PUSH.tv, and it emphasizes the importance of digital support tools and customized personal training programs for the home. This approach to weight loss is supposed to be more personalized, as opposed to common workout DVDs that are simply for the general public. The cost of PUSH.tv is $25 per month.

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Product Features

PUSH.tv is a method of weight reduction and getting fit. Put simply, this method aims to customize fitness programs in order to assist individual dieters. In turn, dieters are supposed to achieve better results, and meet their overall goals. Just to be clear, PUSH.tv focuses on flexibility exercises, strength training, and cardio workouts. There are five steps to succeeding with PUSH.tv. These are as follows: (one) help PUSH.tv identify your personal needs/goals, (two) a customized monthly workout routine is created for you, (three) the workouts will focus on your problem areas and needs, (four) you can select from music preference, cardio workouts, intensity level, and your personal trainer, and (five) new programs are created monthly.

Basically a new PUSH.tv DVD will be sent to your home each month to assist you with your weight loss and fitness goals. These DVDs offer 130 minutes of customized exercise. 40 minutes is progressive personal training, 30 minutes is a cardio lesson, 10 minutes will focus on specific body areas, and 10 minutes will be bonus material. It is recommended that users of this program strive to get in at least 100 minutes of cardio exercise weekly. Some fitness equipment needed for PUSH.tv are stairs or a stepping device, dumbbells, and a resistance ball. Some additional information you will receive with PUSH.tv are nutrition tips, shopping guides, food journals, and meal planners.

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  • This program encourages exercise.
  • The workouts are customized to the dieter.


  • You may need to purchase fitness tools/equipment for PUSH.tv.
  • There does not appear to be a specific low-fat diet plan provided.
  • No convenient supplements are incorporated to aid with weight loss.
  • There is no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.


All in all, PUSH.tv is certainly a unique and interesting approach to weight loss and getting fit. It is nice to see that the fitness DVDs are personalized for each user. This can definitely make the exercises more enjoyable and effective. However, there is no diet recommended with PUSH.tv, nor are there any weight loss supplements. You should be sure to check out other weight loss options before choosing this program.

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