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It is clear that different approaches to weight loss and getting fit suit different individuals. This is why it is important to understand the vast market of diet products, supplement formulas, workout equipment, and weight loss programs. It will help you find and choose the approach that best suits you needs. In this review, we are going to focus on a piece of fitness equipment, which is known as the PushUp Pro. This product can be acquired through various sporting goods stores and supercenters, and you will even find it on websites like Amazon. The cost of PushUp Pro is $29.99.

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Product Features

PushUp Pro is a product developed by Jack Zatorski. Basically, this product is a pair of pushup handles or devices. Each device weights about one pound, and is suitable for people of all ages. The purpose of PushUp Pro is to assist you with doing proper pushups, which help strengthen your pectorals, triceps, back and shoulder muscles. According to the distributors, this product helps users sculpt, tone, and define the upper body. The PushUp Pro is claimed to encourage a pushup motion that is more natural than traditional pushups.

Each PushUp Pro set of handles comes with a workout and nutrition guide. This guide can help you with building your chest, back, arms, abdominals, and shoulder muscles, as well as assist you with your daily diet plan. The PushUp Pro is also supposed to minimize stress and strain on joints. These unique pushup handles are flat so they can be used on the floor or wall. Users should see some results within 10 days of using PushUp Pro. This product does not appear to be sold with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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  • This piece of workout equipment encourages upper-body training.
  • The PushUp Pro may reduce stress on your wrists when doing pushups.


  • There is no solid money-back guarantee provided with this product.
  • Some individuals may not have any interest in doing pushups as part of their fitness regimen.
  • This device does not provide a cardio workout for fat burning.
  • Some customer reviews of PushUp Pro are negative.


If you are striving to shed unwanted body fat and get fit, you probably have a certain routine in mind. In order to really lose weight, you may want to incorporate a healthy diet plan, along with some daily exercise. Whether or not your daily exercise routine includes pushups is really up to you. If it does not, then the PushUp Pro is virtually useless to you. After all, this is the only exercise this device is for. Although pushups are great for upper-body strength training, you should certainly embrace some cardio exercise for losing weight.

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