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Pyruvate is a popular fat burner which purportedly reduces a person’s total body fat, limits the likelihood of their gaining weight back (the so-called ‘yo-yo effect’), reduces cholesterol, boosts self-esteem, slows the aging process, lowers blood pressure, and increases stamina and endurance. While various medical studies have indeed shown that Pyruvate, when used in very large doses in conjunction with a total regime of diet and exercise, can reduce total body fat, the other claims made for Pyruvate are generally unsubstantiated.

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Pyruvate is not a product name, nor is it a copyrighted brand; Pyruvate is a chemical compound produced naturally in the body during the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates. The body uses Pyruvate to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an enzyme which helps power muscles during exercise. The argument is that Pyruvate stimulates cellular respiration, which may in turn inhibit the production of fat. Studies on Pyruvate, however, are inconclusive, and the drug is recommended only with reservations. While Pyruvate might, according to some studies, have a slight influence on weight loss, claims that it keeps the weight off, boosts metabolism, and leads to decreased appetite are largely unsubstantiated. You can stimulate the body’s production of Pyruvate by eating red apples and cheese, or drinking red wine or beer.

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  • While there is no solid evidence for most of the claims made for Pyruvate, the chemical is all-natural and taking a daily dosage can’t hurt you.


  • As with all diet supplements, Pyruvate is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Safety and purity are not guaranteed.
  • There is little clinical data to back up the claims made for Pyruvate, and clinical studies have shown that one must take an abnormally large daily dosage of Pyruvate to see even modest weight loss (in some cases, patients were fed 50-120 pills per day before they saw any difference in their weight).
  • The cost of Pyruvate supplements is often quite high (approximately $10 for 90 capsules, with each capsule containing only one gram of calcium pyruvate. If one uses the quantity suggested-30 grams daily-a supply will not last long and will cost quite a bit of money).
  • Taking large doses of Pyruvate can result in gastrointestinal problems, including frequent visits to the bathroom, loud gurgling noises in the stomach, and problems with flatulence.


Supplements come, supplements go. There is no magic cure-all for weight loss, except a reasonably healthy diet and a good exercise program. Save the money you would spend on Pyruvate and buy a new pair of walking shoes.

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