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Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice of meditation and breathing, which focuses on combining breathing and meditation exercises as part of a gentle exercise. It has been practiced in China for nearly 3,000 years, and according to Chinese practitioners, helps return life energy (called Qi, pronounced Chee) to the body and helps heal numerous ailments. Current studies conducted on Qigong reveal this may not be far from the truth. Focused, steady breathing and meditation movements may help ease several conditions and may even promote weight loss. While it is too early to say that Qigong is guaranteed to promote healthy weight loss, existing studies are very positive about its dietary benefits.

To practice Qigong, interested consumers may consult licensed practitioners of the art or take local courses at their gym. Availability is sparse, but its popularity in the United States is growing. There are also tapes and videos that may help consumers learn basic Qigong movements, but it is often suggested by Qigong teachers to learn the movements personally from a trained Qigong master. Due to the availability and difficulty of finding Qigong programs in your area, prices may vary. Still, it is still heavily promoted as an alternative solution to sweating it out at a local gym, and early studies show it may help dieters who seek a gentle program that requires little physical effort.

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Qi Gong is an ancient art, developed to strengthen a person’s personal qi, their life energy. Western practitioners may not believe in the reasons behind Qigong, but there is evidence it provides helpful benefits for a person’s health and their weight. Documented benefits included improved circulation, improved digestion, and may help ease several conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. It is not clear why Qigong improves these conditions, however, and further research is needed to discover why it provides this effect. The same goes for its metabolism boosting effect. One study showed practicing Qigong daily helped increase the metabolism, providing a thermogenic effect. Some debate this is due to the controlled breathing exercises implemented into the Qigong program, but this is merely speculative evidence. There is definite evidence it may help control weight, but of course with any program, this is not guaranteed to promote weight loss.

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  • Is an easy exercise that can be done by people of all varying fitness and age levels.
  • Some evidence shows it may provide a thermogenic effect on the body.


  • Availability may be limited, depending on where you live.
  • May be expensive to learn. Some programs may cost well over $100.
  • Practicing Qigong alone may not promote weight loss, and dieters are advised not to depend on this as a weight loss solution.


Qigong is an ancient and provable art that aids in weight loss and improves body functioning, but if you cannot find a Qigong practitioner in your area, you may be out of luck. Nevertheless, this is an easier exercise to complete compared to strenuous fitness routines and may help ease several conditions.

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