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UPDATE: On 2/23/12, in a 20-to-2 decision, the FDA announced a surprising endorsement of Qnexa. An endorsement is NOT a decision or approval, but it paves the way for further trials of the drug and is a promising sign of possible approval. A final decision is due by April 17th. The FDA has not approved a prescription anti-obesity drug since 1999.

When it comes to diet pills and weight loss products, there are many that come up under close examination by the FDA. This is often due to significant side effects or bad reactions they cause. The product that we are going to scrutinize in this review is Qnexa. Although it was once available as a prescription supplement or drug for weight reduction, it has now been banned by the FDA.

The two primary active components found in Qnexa are Phentermine and Topiramate. These ingredients suppress the user’s appetite, which enables them to drop unwanted body fat more quickly. Since less calories are consumed, weight is lost over a period of time. Different results are evident in different individuals. However, there are a number of warnings that apply to Qnexa. According to research results posted online, this diet drug can lead to serious side effects like stroke, memory loss, increased risk of suicide, and even heart attacks. At this point, it does not look like Qnexa is available for purchase online any longer.

List of Ingredients

A Proprietary Blend of Phentermine and Topiramate.

Product Features

Qnexa is a capsule formula that aims to suppress hunger, hence enabling dieters to lose weight more easily by eating less food. This is a prescription product that does not appear to be available any longer (it is actually unclear how long it was available). In regards to the cost of Qnexa, this likely depends on the individual’s insurance plan, and what is covered. Unlike many over-the-counter diet pills and weight loss supplements, this formula is geared toward men and women that suffer from obesity, or severe weight gain. Therefore a licensed physician would probably have to examine the individual, and then determine whether or not he/she is a candidate for Qnexa. Since this is a prescription diet pill, no money-back guarantee is offered.

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  • This is a prescription weight loss formula, which means it is regulated by medical professionals.
  • Qnexa endeavors to curb the user’s appetite.


  • There are some severe side effects pertaining to Qnexa, such as heart attack, stroke, and thoughts of suicide.
  • This weight loss pill has been banned by the FDA.
  • Unlike some other diet formulas, Qnexa does not aim to boost thermo genesis.
  • This product does not heighten energy levels.
  • There is no healthy diet plan or fitness regimen mentioned for Qnexa.


When all is said and done, Qnexa is merely one of several prescription diet pills that are no longer available. As stated above, this product is clearly not safe, as it was banned by the FDA. Furthermore, Qnexa was really only created for severely obese individuals anyway, which means other dieters would not have been able to acquire it.

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    Corey Mccoil

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    My friend was fat when she started at our job 3 months later she starts taking seizure RX’s and she is now pencil thin. Where can I get a seizure RX so I can loss weight?
    I have to loss 80 pounds. By the way. :(


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    I’m a 64 yr old male and I try to lose weight but I just can’t. My question is if I take a testosterone supplement with this qnexa, what harm, if any would it do to my body, and what would be the side affects, if any.
    Thank you


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    I found an article that say the FDA HAS aproved this drug



    I was looking Qnexa up cause they were talking about it on the news. They said it has been approved by the FDA but how do u get it???


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    marilyn ingle

    I would like to try Qnexa


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    pavel j sanchez

    i would love to sample this new med! im a father of two children and want to be there to watch them grow old! 5’2″ tall and 250 lbs not good at all need to do something about it.


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    Robert Collins

    I have blood pressure of 232/165 and had a stroke. My blood pressure pill cause me to gain weight. I really need your help getting this pills.


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    I would like to try this. Is there any studies going on? If there is I would like to be part of the study.


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    martha menjivar

    where to get qnexa or trail offer


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    Carolyn bellamy

    Where to buy or get sample?


    big mama

    Whre/how do I purchase he diet product


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    Could this diet pill be given to someone that wants to paticipate in the test for weight loss results verses other diet pills?