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If you want to build bigger, stronger, leaner muscles then QNT has the supplement for you, or so the company wants visitors to believe. The first impressive we get from the official QNT website is overkill. There are pictures on the front page of an athlete and a busty woman. These images are used to pull in the visitor and convince them they too can achieve a body like that with just the right combination of ingredients and, of course, QNT has just the right supplement.

As a company, the website offers direct ordering and contact information. They offer dieting tips and help, as well as regular social media updates via a Facebook page. We did not notice a testimonial or review page listed on the front page.

List of Ingredients

Sports nutrition company specializing in fat loss supplements, muscle builders, energy supplements and recovery supplements.

Product Features

If you want to lose weight QNT offers multiple supplement choices, including Riptek, Stack Force, Thermal Booster and Therma Burn. You can guarantee that every one of these supplements contain some form of caffeine or other stimulant, so the dieter needs to check the label closely to ensure there is not too much caffeine in the product. Bodybuilding fat burners are far different than weight loss fat burners. Bodybuilders take 400 mg of caffeine or more on occasion and that could be enough to land the average dieter in the hospital.

We looked through some of the fat burners and found caffeine and guarana. We did not see any green tea, though we did not scan every product label. The amount of caffeine in each product is listed, but the labels are a bit confusing because some include more than one serving size. If the dieter takes a half serving the total caffeine intake would be half and thus both one-half dose and a full dose are listed.

QNT offers something for everyone, but the product descriptions are lacking quality information. There are no clinical trials on the products, as far as we noticed and we did not see a money-back guarantee. QNT does not offer trial sizes of fat burners and other stimulant products.

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  • Ingredients are listed for supplements.
  • Some products offer a downloadable fact sheet.
  • Fat burners include caffeine, but not too much.


  • Not all products sold by QNT are safe for dieters.
  • Checking labels is very important because bodybuilding supplement are different than weight loss supplements.
  • No free trial on products.
  • We did not see return information.


We could see why some bodybuilders like QNT Sports, but the fat burners we look into were not that great. Most contained nothing more than guarana and caffeine. Some were just sugar-free juice with a stimulant thrown in for energy. The dieter may be better served by choosing a product designed for dieters and not bodybuilders. Dieters have to understand that bodybuilders are trying to gain weight most of the time so they are not going to be taking appetite suppressants.

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    Dharam Pal

    i have been working out in the zym for 5 months, and recently i have brought a matapure supplement (QNT), is this right for me not, is there any good effect of this supplement


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    are qnt products good for weight gain?