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There have been no weight loss drug approvals in the United States for the last 13 years, as of early 2012, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with pressure caused by a sharp rise in obesity, has opened the flood gates and started approving drugs once again. With previously approved drugs later being associated with heart failure, liver failure and death, it is no wonder the FDA took more than a decade to even consider approving another drug. The first drug to be approved was Belviq. On July 17, 2012 another drug was approved called Qsymia. Qsymia is a combination drug created from two drugs already on the market – phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine is already used as a weight loss drug, but topiramate is an anti-seizure medication.

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  • Phentermine
  • Topiramate

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After multiple weight loss drug scares, the FDA was extremely reluctant to approve additional weight loss drugs. More than a decade passed and the FDA still had not approved another drug, but doctors were not interested in living in the past as obesity rates pass 30%. Whether the FDA listened to doctors and medical professionals or they simply noticed the trend of weight gain we will probably never know, but we do know the drug Qsymia is the second weight loss drug approved in two weeks and that is extremely interesting.

Qsymia is not a new drug, but it is a new combination of two drugs. The drugs used to create the weight loss formula are phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant designed to be used short-term and topiramate is an anti-seizure medication. Anti-seizure medications have been used off-label for more than two decades. Qsymia was first introduced to the FDA as Qnexa. Due to drug names currently on the market – the FDA required Vivus, the pharmaceutical company behind the drug, to change the name.

There are side effects associated with Qnexa, but the FDA decided that those side effects were better than the side effects of obesity. That decision could come back to haunt the FDA, according to one expert from the Yale Prevention Research Center.

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  • Study results estimated average weight loss between 7 and 10%.


  • There are negative side effects associated with the drug combination.
  • Not all dieters will be eligible to take Qsymia.


Qsymia or Qnexa is a weight loss drug that passed the FDA approval process in July, 2012. The drug can cause heart-related side effects and loss of concentration. There are serious concerns that taking Qsymia will lead to serious complications and death for some obese dieters. One expert from Yale University claims he believes the drug will be recalled due to serious complications.

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  • 1
    Anna Evelyn

    Qsymia – Please beware of this drug. The allergy reaction on this drug is very scary and miserable. I have been suffering for the last 3 months with severe skin dryness, bad mouth blisters and total loss of taste and smell. My sincere advise to all ladies , please be careful I developed this reaction only after a month and half. So please beware of the symptoms.


  • 2

    I have been taking Qsymia for 4-5 months. Was on the 11.5 dose. I as I took the drug, I found that I was becoming more “air headed” had trouble concentrating. I also slipped into a depression, which I didn’t recognize until I attempted to commit suicide. Within 3-4 days of being off the medication, my mood improved so much. I spent 5 days on a psych ward, being treated for a severe depression. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION. I lost 35 pounds, but believe me. It isn’t worth the cost of your life


  • 3
    Ms. L

    I have been on Qsymia for 6 weeks so far and I have lost 21 lbs the only side effect is constipation and it is really bad at times, had a serious blockage, but the pill is working so I will continue at least for another month and then will do the rest of my weigh loss on my own i’m motivated enough now I have 19 lbs left to lose so half way there. For the record i’m a 54 yr old female who has tried to lose 40 lbs in past with no luck so this pill is magic to me.


  • 4

    Taking 20mg of Celexa and wonder how this drug will interact? The original phentermine made me feel like vomiting


  • 5
    tammy hull

    I have sleep apnea. I am approx. 40 lbs over weight. And prescribed qsymia. Started with smallest dose. Free 2 week supply. I have history of anxiety attacks.. in which i take meds to keep it under control. I hadn’t had an attack in 3 years. Day 2 of qsymia i felt anxious and nervous and ended up feeling an attack coming on. I did take my meds to stop it. I will discontinue qsymia. Not worth it.


  • 6

    A friend has been taking for 1 year and is down 40 pounds. I started and after 4 weeks, was down 10 pounds. I broke my foot and can’t walk on it at all, so am very inactive, but have kept the weight off and lost another pound or two in the following 2 weeks…even after eating gifts of chocolate and icecream. The main thing is that I’m eating less, my portion size is at least half of what I used to eat, and I’m satisfied. I am hoping to shed about 30 more pounds and then stabilize. I do have some feeling of being emotional or being off balance, but if I get enough rest and water, it is much better. Good luck to all.


    Denise Pendergrass

    I am new to Qsymia> Finally I read a positive message! wish me luck!


  • 7

    If you have at least two of three of the following HIGH risk factors: HIGH Cholesterol, HIGH Blood Pressure, or HIGH Blood Sugars (Diabetes) in conjunctions with obesity, this may be an excellent possibility for you. But obviously check with your own doctor to make sure as this is NOT a miracle drug and DOES come with some side effects along the way. But don’t let it scare you off, the results have been worthwhile for me at least.

    My personal experience so far has been both good and challenging. I was moderately obese and just diagnosed to be diabetic in addition to having High BP and High Cholesterol. My new Dr has been working with the Qsymia folks for quite awhile offered me the opportunity to try this regimen, with the understanding that dropping my BMI enough can benefit my blood glucose levels as well as my BP and cholesterol levels. It was a potential Win-Win-Win situation on top of losing weight. What was the catch?

    Well, the catch is that nothing is a miracle but Qsymia is quite reasonable in its requirements. Live life as normally as possible. Maintain regular exercise, watch what you eat, but eat less quantity. The meds reduce your appetite and do affect the way your body temp feels so sometimes I feel colder than it is as my body is generating more heat to burn fats, and sometimes my body gets low on blood sugars more quickly than before so I now actually eat less at meal time but need to maintain some healthy snacks (dried fruits and nuts) along the way to maintain my blood sugars. Current status after 6 weeks is about 17-18 pounds off of my initial start weight and i find myself tucking my shirts in because I can AND need my belt as my waist size has shrunk by at least an inch so far. Admittedly there were days that felt a bit challenging and groggy or tired along the way but overall, it has been worthwhile and I think I am about half way there.
    Good luck to the rest of you out there as well!


    Bridget Clark

    its me again… its Feb.25th and i’m down to 213 lbs to date. total weight loss of 13 lbs so far. i’m feeling happy about the loss. Just nervous that i will fail. Only side effects have been some metalic taste and thirst for sure. Feel of fogginess at times but comes and goes. I’m pleased so far.



    good job. i started as well and feeling great! losing weight and am happy with the results. lost 10 lbs in 4 weeks w/little trouble.



    Can you tell me how you are doing so far? i just started , on week 5 and have lost 13 lbs so far. I have about 57 more to lose. i have a long way to go but an hopeful. Looking for inspiration!


  • 8

    I have been using this product for 2 months started with the low dose for days as directed than the regular I have lost almost 17lbs my energy is up my memory is better this is not a miracle drug I am watching what I eat making sure to eat 3 meals a day which is hard for me to do and I am trying to walk every day. But this has helped me to get started I have tried all the diets out there and this and Nutri System have been the only 2 that have ever worked I Will post again in another month or so



    Joanne,Can i ask how you are doing? i started Feb of 2014. as of today i’ve lost 13 lbs (feb. 25th). i feel good and want to continue. definatley helps w/ my appetite. not too many side effects for me which is good. i have about 58 more lbs to lose so along way to go.


  • 9
    terri brewer

    I’m looking for the free coupon for Qsymia


  • 10
    s. justice

    does this drug mix well with lexapro? I am taking both.


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    My doctor knows I’m on Lexapro and he prescribed it to me.


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