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Quadracarn is a fat loss supplement formulated by Beverly International. This is one of the few supplements that admit to the fact that the formula is generic and not specialized. According to the product description, the general ingredients in Quadracarn offer support for various body functions, but the company does not bother to list clinical proof for any of the functions claimed. The trouble with general supplement is that companies use the natural effect of the ingredients in the body as the claim to fame. For instance, drinking water improves skin health by hydrating the body. However, drinking two gallons of water a day does not increasingly improve skin health. L-Carnitine and Gymnema Sylvestre, the active ingredients in Quadracarn, may support healthy body functions, but they will not increase energy and fat loss the way a dieter expects.

List of Ingredients


Quadracarn Pharmacologically Balanced Carnitine Analog Fusion:

  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate
  • Propionyl-L-Carnitine
  • Gymnema Leaf Extract

Product Features

The product description for Quadracarn is extremely interesting. Beverly International makes a point to show the best about each ingredient in the formula, but the wording is what’s truly important. According to Beverly International, the ingredients may support blood flow, which may move more testosterone throughout the body and may support cell health and muscle growth. There are plenty of claims about fat burners and weight loss supplements that may have one positive effect or another, but a dieter should not have to pay for a supplement that may work when there are ingredients proven to work.

The one statement from Beverly International that we agree with is that this supplement is non-stimulant. There is no caffeine, synephrine, guarana or other form of stimulant on the ingredient list. We don’t see this as a huge benefit figuring as caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.

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  • The ingredient list for Quadracarn is available online.
  • The product is available for sale from trusted online retailers.


  • Even the company agrees that the formula is not proven to boost metabolism.
  • Contains no stimulants – caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.


Quadracarn is one of the few supplements we have reviewed that admits to being ineffective or lacking proof of claims. The word “may” appears in the product description multiple times. The dieter should not have to pay money for a supplement that is not even supported by the selling company.

We support supplements with proven ingredients and there are clinical studies on humans for ingredients like green tea, caffeine and chromium. In the right quantities, these three ingredients could be much more effective than Quadracarn.

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One User Review about Quadracarn

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    Quadracarn– I work in the consumer products industry at a high level (confection ) and I wanted to give some feedback as a non-industry rep so typical of online reviews.
    I tried Quadracarn on three different occasions and the reason why is that I loved some of the results and was very concerned on other parts of the results . Why some my find my review humorous it was actually quite serious.
    On each occasion of Quadracarn my favorable results were retained pump, improved vassal dilation to all body parts including reproductive parts and a overall feeling of well being.
    So now before you rush out to buy some or think this is a bogus review , now the side effects .
    Quadracarn was seriously creating major gut bloat and being a guy who has trained for many years I looked like I had a gut.
    As far as anti aging it was like speed aging and it made you look older because you retained water as part of the pump , and I mean everywhere and especially in the intestinal area .
    So being a idiot I figured go off the product and see what happens , well it takes about a week and you lose your gut and the nice pump retention.
    On my last attempt at using Quadracarn I was traveling on the west coast and my intestinal bloat was so bad that when I returned to the east I checked into a ER at the hospital to have my stomach looked at . X rays revealed that it was major intestinal bloat created by gas and my only dietary change was the supplement.
    So I stop the Quad and one week later was back to normal .
    Sad because it was a great product but something in the Quadracarn is really not good for your intestines.
    I know that the New York Times published a story on LCarnitine and its link long term to intestinal problems and even cancer , so be forewarned get your facts and keep looking at this one , but know if you have the side effects that I has , stop the supplement as it can be dangerous.