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What You Should Know

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QualityHealth is a free, one-stop wellness center that provides health information, health management tools, savings on health products and services, and support through interacting with other users. Registered users of the QualityHealth website can create a personalized user experience, which caters to their own specific health interests and needs. QualityHealth is not a replacement for professional medical treatment, but is a tool for assisting in improving health and well-being.

The content provided on the QualityHealth website comes from the editorial staff, user-generated information by way of forums, groups and user-created blogs, links and resources for further investigation and paid advertisements. The website distinguishes each type of content, so users are always aware of the source of the information.

Product Features

QualityHealth.com is owned by Marketing Technology Solutions. According to a 2008 press release on the MTS website QualityHealth.com ranked 8th most viewed website on the internet. Based upon reading materials on the MTS website, QualityHealth is still in its infancy; however, no concrete data was located about exactly when it was started. All the tools and features are free to visitors and registrants. QualityHealth earns its money through ad revenue. Registration is easy and the site is encrypted to protect all personal information. Users have the ability to view and sign up for trial offers, site newsletters and targeted advertisements upon registration.

QualityHealth has a forum that offers dieters the ability to ask other people about various products, share goals and success stories, and even make lifelong friendships. It can be very motivating to share your dieting struggles with others.

With time and continued collaboration with major healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, QualityHealth appears to have potential to become a very useful resource for anyone looking the monitor health and learn more about health-related topics.

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  • QualityHealth has a lot of news and information about dieting as well as most medical conditions.
  • This website is free to use.


  • You may not find much information on specific weight loss supplements on QualityHealth.
  • Sometimes you might click on advertisements accidentally.
  • Some of the news in the “diet and weight loss” area won’t be relevant.


Let’s face it, dieting is tough. Any information you can get to help you lose weight is usually very useful and that’s just what this website aims to do. Provide users with resources and information. You can find diet tips, amusing articles, and some reviews but there isn’t really a place to track your progress. It can help to join the support groups and participate in the forums but we recommend taking a good weight loss supplement to help speed your weight loss as much as possible.

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