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Quality of Life Labs (QLL) is a dietary supplement company which provides safe nutritional products for weight loss, cognitive support, and other medical needs. Among the many products offered by QLL is one for weight loss, Pure Balance Serotonin. Pure Balance Serotonin is an all-natural product which purportedly improves mood and accelerates weight loss in overweight individuals. QLL promotional materials point out that most weight loss products interfere with the body’s metabolism, either by blocking the absorption of starches or speeding up the metabolic rate. Pure Balance Serontonin, on the other hand, purports to address the root cause of excess weight: low serontonin levels. The claim being made here is that a better mood helps a person slim down.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin D, Relora, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, & Rhodiola rosea

Product Features

Serotonin is a chemical in the brain which regulates appetite, sleep, and mood. While a normal body will contain between 10 and 12 mg of serotonin, doctors suggest that people who experience even slight imbalances in serotonin levels experience carbohydrate cravings, increased appetite, lack of sleep, and negative mood swings. QLL claims that Pure Balance Serotonin enhances mood and quality of sleep, which in turn helps control appetite and enables weight loss. QLL claims that a single 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study found that people taking Pure Balance Serotonin lost approximately 0.5 lbs per week more than those who took the placebo.

Pure Balance Serotonin contains 5-HTP, the chemical compound the body uses to make serotonin. In order to help boost levels of serotonin, Pure Balance Serotonin also contains Vitamin D, which affects mood; Relora, which helps alleviate stress (and, according to QLL, stress-releated eating); rhodiola rosea, which helps the body to adapt in stressful situations; and L-Theanine, which helps to generate alpha brain waves and enhance relaxation, making for a better night’s sleep.

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  • Pure Balance Serotonin is all-natural.
  • A balanced mood and some restful sleep are parts of a healthy lifestyle.


  • A single medical study attempts to prove that a good mood is an integral part of losing weight. While that may or may not be true, attempting to market Pure Balance Serotonin as a diet drug is a bit of a stretch.


While a balanced mood, a good night’s sleep, and the ability to adapt to stressful situations are all undoubtedly part of a healthy lifestyle, the claim that boosted serotonin levels will help a person lose weight seems over-the-top. The drug is marketed as both a mood enhancer and a diet supplement, though the evidence that serotonin helps reduce weight is negligible. Much on QLL’s website is made of the double-blind study, in which several overweight people taking Pure Balance Serotonin lost an average of half a pound more a week than their counterparts, but no mention is made of what diet or exercise program, if any, the participants were on for the 12 weeks. While boosting one’s serotonin levels can’t hurt, it shouldn’t be considered an actual weight loss drug.

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