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Welcome to a world of dieting and weight loss. Countless people are trying different products, programs, and methods every day to shed unwanted body fat. This includes a vast array of diet books. One of which is Quantum Wellness, which is written by Kathy Freston. It is not difficult to find this text for sale in common bookstores, as well as online through sites like Amazon. There are even some customer reviews posted on amazon.com. As for the cost of Quantum Wellness, it varies depending on the distributor.

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Quantum Wellness is a book that encourages dieters to focus on small changes in life in order to reach the highest level of health. It is 282 pages in length, and was first released in May of 2008. Basically by making small focused changes in your lifestyle and eating habits, you can dramatically improve your overall health and wellness. Some things that Freston (a former model) pushes in this text are as follows; stop smoking, become a vegan, live a cruelty-free lifestyle, and manage energy levels. Quantum Wellness also talks about how you can become your own healer (when sick or feeling down).

There are “eight pillars of wellness” in the Quantum Wellness text. These are revealed as meditation, visualization, fun activities, conscious eating, exercise, self-work, spiritual practice, and service to others. Not only does Freston aim to help you with detoxifying your body and energizing your life, but she also encourages you to save the planet, and treat others kindly. There are no supplement formulas involved with the Quantum Wellness approach. This diet and wellness book is suitable for women, men, teenagers, and children alike.

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  • The Quantum Wellness book encourages meditation, which can relieve stress.
  • This text encourages you to treat the environment well.
  • This book also advises people to be empathetic toward others.


  • There are no convenient fat-burners or appetite suppressants incorporated.
  • Some people may not like becoming vegan, as suggested in this text.
  • This book calls for a total lifestyle change; at least for some people.
  • There is no specific fitness program recommended.
  • There are so many self-help books similar to this one.


When all is said and done, Quantum Wellness is basically a self-help book. Needless to say, there are plenty of others that are similar. This text encourages people to improve their life with eight basic steps, which can certainly be beneficial to many men and women. These eight steps can improve overall health and wellness. However, Quantum Wellness is not exactly a weight loss book, specifically. Therefore you may want to check into a few other diet books and supplements on the market today.

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