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The Quick and Easy Vegan Cookbook, is a cookbook by the name of The 30 Minute Vegan. There are more than 175 recipes that you can prepare in a half hour or less, which shows that going vegan does not always mean giving up a good portion of your life to cooking and meal preparation. Going vegan will help promote you losing weight and an overall improvement of health, but is not centered around weight loss.

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The Quick and Easy Vegan Cookbook features a wide variety of recipes for everyone to enjoy. There is a section dedicated to smoothies and other healthy, filling, beverages, a section on lighter meals and snacks, making kids favories vegan style, and more. Recipe selections include things such as: Cosmic Crepes, Live Cinnamon Rolls, Baked Apple Crisp, and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake. There are recipes for breakfast/brunch, luch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, so you have a little something no matter what you are int he mood for and when you are in the mood for it. There is a combination of recipes for vegans who still cook, and for vegans who elect to only eat a raw diet.

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  • The Quick and Easy Vegan Cookbook makes preparing a vegan meal much less time consuming.
  • This book is available at a variety of merchants online and off.


  • The Quick and Easy Vegan Cookbook may not appeal to everyone as going vegan is highly restrictive.
  • Going vegan usually requires you to spend more money on food.
  • A vegan diet will help with weight loss, but will not always guarantee it.
  • This book does not mention exercise at all.


The Quick and Easy Vegan Cookbook is an ideal option for people who are trying to switch to a vegan lifestyle but are short on time. Generally speaking, the vegan lifestyle requires more time and effort be put into both shopping for food and preparing the meal. The recipes in this book only take half an hour or less and are very nutritious. If you are trying to lose weight, a diet like this one can help you keep your calories in check, but you should also consider exercising on a regular basis, for at least 30 minutes a day three to six days a week. This will help create a caloric deficit necessary for weight loss while also strengthening your body. For an even greater effort, consider taking a clinically proven weight loss supplement to help you burn more fat or eat less without hunger pangs. This will help you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone.

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