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Vision Fitness is a U.S. based company providing comprehensive fitness products to individuals and businesses for more than 20 years. The company has won a multitude of awards professing the company and the product selection as best in class. The goal and primary focus of the company is to improve the health and wellbeing of the customer, while providing functional equipment made from high quality materials.

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  • Semi-recumbent exercise bike.

Product Features

The R2200 is a recumbent exercise bike which features more than 10 preset and custom fitness routines. The product also features more than 15 resistance levels. The console is available as a standard model, deluxe model and premier model. Each console adds additional fitness routines. The standard features include motivational tools which track distance, times, RPM, speed and heart rate.

The product will cause a form of sticker shock. The product is available on the official website for $1,500. The deluxe model is available for $2,000. The higher price depends on the console selected.

Since safety is a major concern in the fitness industry, we liked the larger comfort seat and the low step through. We also liked that the product is suitable for individuals weighing approximately 350 pounds.

What we would have liked to see was some information regarding diet and supplementation. Using the product could potentially improve health and increase weight loss. If diet, supplementation and exercise are combined, the chances of weight loss are improved.

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  • The machine has a minimum of 10 preset and custom fitness routines.
  • A minimum of 15 resistance levels are available.
  • The product is available on the official website.
  • The product is covered by a lifetime guarantee.
  • A low step trough height reduces falls.
  • The maximum user weight is 350 pounds.
  • The seat is reinforced for comfort.


  • The machine costs more than comparable models.
  • The product is not easily moveable.
  • The upgrades cost an additional $400 to $500.
  • The product does not guarantee weight loss.


We like recumbent bikes. Not every person has the ability to use a traditional bike in order to exercise. Recumbent bikes allow users to exercise at their own pace or follow preset fitness routines in order to improve health and wellbeing. A common concern is the comfort of products such as the R2200. Online testimonials state the seats cause a great deal of discomfort. Fortunately, the R2200 has a padded back seat for additional comfort and support.

We also like the available options. Dieters can add a color LCD console, USB tracking devices, DVD or add additional fitness routines. With all of the available upgrades, the downside of such a great product is the price. We found the product available on the website for a minimum of $1,500. The budget-conscience dieter will have a difficult decision based upon the state of the art amenities.

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    How can I get an owners manual? I misplaced mine


  • 2

    This bike is not itself a solution to weight loss. Even aerobic exercise of any sort won’t guarantee weight loss since it boosts appetite along with burning calories. However, starting with the HRT model, you get Dr. Campbell’s “sprint 8″ exercise program, which is short bursts of high-intensity effort. This program has worked well for me and my friends, and it’s recommended at Dr. Mercola’s website as well. Plus it has boosted my fitness letting me go skiing and do other sports without getting winded, and as a side benefit it improves your state of mind. I can completely recommend this bike (docked one star for price) if you buy the one that has the Sprint8 option. Just 20 minutes 2-3 times a week for a total of 4 minutes per session of hard work, and the pounds melt off!


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    Have had my R2200 since new seems to be louder than before is there a way to get it as quiet as before I.E is there some sort of maintenance , your advice would be appreciated . Cheers MERV


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    Had the bike a while now .Seems to be louder than before is there a way to make it quiet again i.e maintenance need to know if somethings wrong ? Cheers MERV