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As you have probably noticed, Rachael Ray has become quite the celebrity chef. Many people are drawn to her “down to earth” personality and simple recipes. She is especially known for her bubbly demeanor and low-cost cuisine. At this point, Rachael Ray has a line of cookware for sale, a magazine, several cookbooks, as well as a daily talk show, and more than one cooking show that she runs. Since she stays very busy with her hectic business lifestyle, she is forced to eat on the go all the time. Therefore she does not abide by a specific diet plan. Nor does she weigh herself regularly. According to Rachael Ray, a specific calorie-counting diet is not necessary, but a few simple rules are. This brings us to the Rachael Ray Diet.

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The Rachael Ray Diet is a simple eating plan that involves you as an individual and what goals you have for yourself. For instance, how do you want to look and feel? This will help you determine what you can and cannot eat daily. Basically, the Rachael Ray Diet is a common sense approach to health and weight maintenance. In other words, eat healthy most of the time, and indulge sometimes.

There are a few basic rules that apply to the Rachael Ray Diet. These are as follows, do not skip meals, learn from past mistakes, do not eat when you are not hungry, figure out what the perfect body is for/to you, do not spend your whole day sitting around, adopt a healthier mindset, and get in some exercise when you can. There are no supplement formulas endorsed for this weight loss plan or diet.

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  • You do not have to follow a stringent eating plan.
  • The Rachael Ray Diet varies to suit each person.
  • You still get to eat the foods you enjoy on this diet.


  • There are no supplements to aid with appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • You need a lot of will power to avoid eating unhealthy foods.
  • No fitness regimen is specified.
  • There is not a lot of order to this diet plan.


The reality is that the Rachael Ray Diet is likely one that is conducive to many American lifestyles. After all, most men and women like to eat what ever they want. Furthermore, most people only want to exercise lightly or mildly. Therefore the Rachael Ray Diet may be suitable for many adults and children. However, it may be tough to actually shed unwanted weight on this diet plan. After all, you still get to eat whatever foods you choose to. It is solely up to you to be smart, and choose foods wisely.

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    judy long

    Has Rachael done the diet that is all over the interent saying she lost so much weight or did she do it by her self and watching what she ate