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Primaforce is a company that sells many different supplements in addition to the Rage dietary supplement, which they market as the “ultimate high-energy fat burner.” The idea behind Rage is that it increases energy along with metabolism to increase the amount of fat one loses. Primaforce recommends taking the product either pre-workout or as a mid-day boost. Rage uses Sci-Cap technology, a patent-pending delivery system, which is said to help absorption and increase the effectiveness of the product. The Sci-Cap technology is licensed from Scivation and uses plant-derived candelia wax to stabilize the ingredients of the supplement so that they form a gel-like material inside the capsule rather than a free flowing liquid.

Primaforce Rage dietary supplements sell for about $35.00 for 120 Sci-Caps. The company recommends taking three capsules a half hour before breakfast and three capsules about six hours later with an eight ounce glass of water, but also advises to begin with two Sci-Caps a day in order to test your tolerance. It is not recommended to take more than six Sci-Caps within a twenty-four period. This product has not been tested by the FDA and Primaforce does not provide any data in regards to the effectiveness of the product.

List of Ingredients

Three Sci-Caps contain 35mg of Niacin (B3), 20mg of Pyridoxine (B6), Cyanocobalamin (B12 – Methylcobalamin) and 10mg of Pantothenic Acid. The product also contains sesame oil, gelatin and candelia wax as well as Lean Green™ [Green Tea (Standardized For 50% EGCG)], Caffeine (USP), Green Coffee Bean Extract (containing Chlorogenic Acid, Feruloyl Quinic Acid And Neochlorogenic Acid) and Naringin, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Phenylethylamine, D,L-Phenylalanine, Vinpocetine, Cayenne Pepper 40,000 HU, Citrus Peel Extract (Containing Limonene And Terpinen-4-Ol), and Evodiamine.

Product Features

Rage supplements are meant to boost energy and burn fat. These supplements are designed to work in conjunction with an active workout regimen. The Rage supplements are delivered via Sci-Caps, a method meant to increase absorption and the effectiveness of the supplement.

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  • Several user reviews cite that, in conjunction with exercise, Rage does help burn fat to a degree.
  • Rage helps to boost energy.
  • The supplement is reasonably priced.


  • These products have not been tested by the FDA and should not be used without consulting a physician first.
  • Primaforce does not provide any data for the effectiveness of the product.
  • Without a proper diet and exercise it is likely that the Rage supplement would not be effective in speeding up fat loss.


Utilizing the Sci-Cap delivery system PrimaForce’s Rage supplement is meant to burn fat and boost energy. There is little information available as to the true effectiveness of the product and it has not been tested by the FDA. It seems apparent that without a diet and exercise regimen designed for losing weight or fat Rage would not be very helpful as a fat loss aid.

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