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What You Should Know

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Rain Forest Diet Secret diet pills are sold by SupplementSpot, a company out of Texas that markets natural health products and treatments including supplements, vitamins and cosmetics. The company has been under new ownership since 2008. According to SupplementSpot the Rain Forest Diet Secret supplement is meant to “promote rapid fat loss.” The company claims the supplement is able to do so because of its triple-action fat loss activator. According to SupplementSpot literature this activator helps to turn fat into energy, while breaking down fat cells and increasing the metabolic rate. The company recommends taking the supplement twice daily (1-2 capsules a day) and consistently for best results. A bottle of 120 capsules retails for $27.99 and can be purchased online.

SupplementSpot does not provide any clinical evidence or empirical data to back up their claims of an effective product. Further, there are few reviews for this product to be found on the internet so its effectiveness as a fat burner is not clear. Before deciding to try the product one should always consult a physician.

List of Ingredients

One capsule of Rain Forest Diet Secret contains 200 mg each of Guarana 4:1 Extract, Yerba Mate 4:1 Extract (includes vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and selenium) and Damiana Leaf, as well as vegetable capsule, stabilized rice bran and Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

The Rain Forest Diet Secret supplement is meant to aid in fat loss and claims to be able to do so because of its formula, which contains three ingredients perfectly suited for this task. The Yerba Mate 4:1 extract is a South American tonic with eleven anti-oxidant polylphenols and mateine, which apparently aids the body in freeing fatty acids. The Guarana 4:1 extract is largely made up of the herbal stimulant guaranine. This stimulant’s purported effects include increased energy and mental alertness, caused by its stimulation of the central nervous system. The last part of Rain Forest Diet Secret’s triumvirate is the Damiana Leaf, a known aphrodisiac that is also said to help with fat burning.

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  • The Rain Forest Diet Secret supplement is easily purchased online.
  • The supplement comes in easy to ingest caplets.
  • The purported benefits include increased fat loss and energy.


  • These products have not been tested by the FDA and should not be used without consulting a physician first.
  • SupplementSport does not provide any data for the effectiveness of the product.
  • Without a proper diet and exercise it is likely that the Rage supplement would not be effective in speeding up fat or weight loss.


Rain Forest Diet Supplement is meant to aid in fat loss by increasing energy. Although SupplementSpot claims that the supplement’s formula, which includes the Guarana 4:1 Extract, Yerba Mate 4:1 Extract and the Damiana Leaf, will deliver these results there are no studies or reviews to back up this claim.

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