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Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, Inc. is a company based out of Santa Cruz, California, which specializes in vitamins and food supplements. The company also has a line of weight management products that consist of the ThinBerry Diet, ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse, and the ThinBerry Opti-Curb. Rainbow Light was founded in 1981 and has been a subsidiary of Natures Products, Inc. since 2002.

According to Rainbow Light the ThinBerry Diet tablets help to curb the appetite, burn fat and increase weight loss. The ThinBerry diet products contain green coffee berry as one of their main ingredients. The company claims that the coffee berry is an antioxidant super fruit that helps to limit weight gain by depressing the appetite and helping to burn fat, and also helps to slow down the aging process. Sixty ThinBerry Diet tablets can be purchased for $39.99. The ThinBerry Opti-Curb is a low-fat powder supplement, which sells for about $18.00 for a 14.1 oz package, and mixes with the drink of your choice. It is meant as a gluten-free power boost and appetite suppressant. It must be noted, however, that Rainbow Light’s literature does not cite any evidence or case studies to back up their claims.

The 7 Day ThinBerry Diet & Cleanse Kit retails for $29.99 and contains (14) ThinBerry tablets, (7) packets of Daily Fruit and Fiber, and (21) PM Purify vCaps. According to Rainbow Light the cleanse helps to reduce one’s appetite and toxins in the body, as well as burning fat and jump starting the metabolism. The company claims that results can be seen within seven days, although they do not provide any evidence to confirm this. The ThinBerry tablets contain the green coffee berry to promote healthy weight loss while the Daily Fruit and Fiber powder is used to improve digestion and break down food admitted to the body, and the PM Purify helps with morning regularity and liver detox. It is important to note that no scientific studies or concrete evidence is provided by Rainbow Light to back up their claims in regards to the Cleanse Kit.

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List of Ingredients

One ThinBerry Diet tablet contains Svetol, green tea extracts, chlorogenic acid, polyphenols, caffeine, EGCG, artichoke leaf extract, cellulose, stearic acid, modified cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica, and is coated in a vegetable food glaze.

The ThinBerry Opti-Curb power contains fenugreek, green tea, decaffeinated green coffee berry, chromium, cinnamon and fiber.

The ThinBerry Daily Fruit & Fiber Packet, part of the cleanse, contains apple fiber, beet root fiber, dried plum powder, apple pectin, fig concentrate, guar seed gum, rice millet sprouts, organic banana powder, organic apple powder, organic flax seed meal, chia seeds, sunflower sprouts, pineapple powder, pomegranate extract, chlorella, organic wheat grass juice powder, papain, bromelain, orange peel, ginger root extract, marshmallow root, and lactobacillus sporogenes.

Product Features

ThinBerry Diet capsules, powders and cleanses are meant to suppress the appetite and speed up the metabolic rate to increase weight loss. Rainbow Light also claims that their cleanses rid the bodies of toxins making it easier to shed pounds.

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  • Rainbow Light products are food-based, bio-balanced and low fat.
  • The powders are gluten-free.
  • The ThinBerry diet line is reasonably priced and easily purchased online.


  • Rainbow Light does not provide any scientific data or studies to prove their claims about their products’ effectiveness.
  • Few user reviews are available to confirm whether the Rainbow Light products work as advertised.
  • The tablets are large and can cause nausea if taken on any empty stomach.


While Rainbow Light claims their weight loss products are healthy, natural ways to promote and maintain weight loss there is little in the way of data or reviews to support their claims that their products really do deliver as promised.

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