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Ramona Braganza is a personal trainer with a wide range of DVDs and eBooks dieters and athletes can use to get fit faster. Braganza also offers 321 Fit Retreats in different parts of the world. Most of the retreats are held in London, England, but there are a few in other countries like Austria. Braganza works with celebrity clients like Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway, but she is also available for personal training.

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  • Personal trainer.

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Celebrity personal trainers often offer the average dieter workout routines and advice through DVDs and books. Ramona Braganza sticks with the DVDs, but chooses eBooks in place of traditional print books. Some workout information can be found in magazines where Braganza has been featured like Shape, inTouch, InStyle and Glamour.

The 321 Workout Plan offered by Ramona Braganza is not yet complete. Level 1 and Level 2 are both offered on her official website, but Level 3 is not currently available online. There are also several workouts aimed at helping dieters who have recently gave birth to babies. Many fitness gurus who’ve given birth add workout programs for pregnant women and women trying to lose the baby bulge.

Each of the programs is linked to a unique Buy Now button. We found it interesting that some of the buttons took us to a shopping cart and others to a Paypal purchase page. None of the buttons took us to Amazon or other trusted retail known for selling physical workout DVDs. There is no information detailing whether or not the programs are physical or virtual. If the programs are virtual, the workouts would be delivered to your email rather than shipped by mail.

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  • Contact information for Ramona Braganza is listed on the official website.


  • Ramona Braganza DVDs are expensive.
  • There are no details about how the DVDs are delivered.
  • Two emails are listed on the site – one is a Gmail address.
  • The Buy Now links lead to different purchase portals.
  • You can only pay with Paypal or through Paypal.


We would love to say that Ramona Braganza workout DVDs are the way to go, but there is not enough information on the workouts or the eating program to suggest the program to dieters. We were a little confused by the Gmail address for people who wanted to attend the Ramona Braganza retreats as the informational email address is linked to the official website.

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