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Millions of people every year dream of losing weight. However not only do they wish to lose weight, many also want rapid weight loss. They want the perceived advantages that rapid weight loss brings, such as shedding one or two sizes of clothing in a matter of weeks. There are, of course, no shortage of products on the market promising rapid weight loss. These range from weight loss supplements to meal replacement products. There are also, of course, many workout and exercise DVDs which promise rapid weight loss if you follow the steps given.

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With hundreds of products available it is hard to know which to choose from in order to achieve your rapid weight loss. And, not surprisingly, the same ingredients are found in many products that promise rapid weight loss. Many weight loss supplements contain green tea and also American and Siberian ginseng. A number also contain Raspberry ketones. A weight loss product that is endorsed by a celebrity will immediately attract attention. For example when the weight loss qualities of Wu Long tea were featured on the Oprah show, interest in this product increased enormously.

When searching for rapid weight loss, you should probably avoid the products that contain a high number of stimulants as you are likely to feel rather stressed or “jittery” after taking them repeatedly. Most of the weight loss products on sale are now available online, making them easy to purchase. Of course whichever weight loss product you choose you should never embark on a programme of rapid weight loss without consulting your physician. This is especially so if you have an existing health problem or are on medication. Some weight loss products increase your thyroid activity and others have the potential to alter your insulin requirements if you are diabetic, so proceed with safety in mind.

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  • Rapid weight loss is a means to achieve your weight loss goals quickly.
  • Rapid weight loss is great if you need to drop a size or two in a short period of time to fit into a dress or swimsuit.
  • If your weight is actually compromising your health, then rapid weight loss can often be a life saving remedy.


  • Some of the products that promise rapid weight loss can often have negative side effects.
  • Weight loss supplements that promise rapid weight loss are sometimes not suitable for those with certain health problems.
  • Weight that is lost rapidly is often gained again more quickly than weight that is lost steadily over a long-term period.
  • Many of the rapid weight loss products on the market have not been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration.


Anyone that intends to embark on a rapid weight loss programme should first of all ensure that they have no pre-existing medical condition which may make embarking on a rapid weight loss programme dangerous for their health. Rapid weight loss products are often good short-term solutions to get you motivated about shedding pounds, but if you want you weight to stay off permanently, you will also need to engage in a healthy eating regime and some kind of regular exercise programme.

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    Linda Drewell

    Is it normal to have pains in the stomach resulting in running to the loo within half an hour of taking the rapid loss drink.