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AllMax Nutrition carries a long list of weight loss and fat burning supplements. Unlike other bodybuilding websites, there is a Femme line dedicated to women who want to achieve their weight loss and strength goals. RapidCuts Femme is a supplement packed with ingredients aimed at increasing energy, targeting fat and melting that fat away, but does the ingredient list live up to the supplements expectations?

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Chromium.

Target – Fat Targeting Enhancer: Sensori Ashwagandha Extract, Guggul, Banaba Extract.

Release – Fat Release Enhancer: Methylxanthine Concentrated Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, ForsLean Indian Coleus Forskohlii Extract.

Ignite – Fat Ignition Enhancer: Catechin Concentrated Green Tea Extract, White Willow Extract, Metabromine Theobroma Cacao Extract.

Product Features

The RapidCuts Femme supplement does not look any different from the varieties formulated for men. The three complexes within the supplement focus on stress relief, stimulation and more stimulation.

The Target portion of RapidCuts Femme has Ashwagandha Extract as the main ingredient. This supplement has been studied as a stress reliever. The studies have shown great results, but only in rats. Humans are much more complex than rats and thus addition testing is needed to confirm the stress relief effects reported. Stress is important to weight loss because when the human body is stressed cortisol can cause fat storage around the midsection of the body.

Release starts the stimulation for RapidCuts Femme. Methylxanthine concentrated green tea extract is a pretty interesting ingredient. Caffeine and green tea work together to increase potency so this ingredient is quite a good addition to the supplement. Caffeine is just another stimulant in there to boost fat burning.

Ignite is where things start going awry. While we like the additional green tea extract, it does increase the stimulant impact. Metabromine Theobroma has stimulant effects which may bring this supplement into the range of too much stimulation. There is no real clinical evidence that Theobroma benefits weight loss.

RapidCuts Femme is not a female product. Aside from the label and marketing push, the supplement aims to increase fat burn and decrease stress which makes it the perfect idea for both men and women. The ingredients, however, leave a little to be desired. Caffeine and green tea are all the supplement has to stand on. The remaining ingredients have very little proof they will increase weight loss or affect appetite. Ashwagandha does have a bit of support in animal testing so it could increase fat burn and reduce cortisol. RapidCuts Femme sells for $25.99 per bottle.

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  • Detailed description on the official website.
  • Green tea and caffeine are a good weight loss combination.


  • Not targeted for females according to the ingredient list.
  • Does not offer the most potent ingredients.


RapidCuts Femme may be a bit overstimulating for some dieters. Green tea and caffeine are great ingredients and may be enough to cause a bit of weight loss.

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3 User Reviews about RapidCuts Femme

  • 1

    I just started rapidcutsfemme yesterday I have been feeling really tired since I started and lightheaded why is this? Is it to strong for me?


  • 2

    hi i was wandering can you still drink coffee with that or even alchool i want to start tommorrow but i have a graduation party saturday so i was a little bit concern it my first time ever that i try something like this… so can you help me before i start this… what i should do and what i shouldn’t do…. thanks this is realy appreciated. good nite


  • 3

    ive been taking rapidcuts for 4 days now. Im taking 2 a day. I find that about 1 hr after taking it I feel extremely nauseas and need to lay down.I also get really bad hunger pains even thou i just ate it lasts for about an hour or two. is this normal? will it go away?