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RapidLean is essentially a weight loss drug that comes in gel cap form. It was developed and is manufactured by a company called Six Star Muscle. However, this diet product doesn’t appear on their official website at this time. Regardless, RapidLean is available on other websites and the retail cost is $39.99 for 60 caps. Similar to numerous other weight loss supplements on the market today, RapidLean endeavors to burn away unwanted body fat, while boosting the user’s energy levels. This product is taken twice daily with substantial amounts of water.

As stated where RapidLean is sold, this weight loss supplement “sheds off that last layer of fat.” If you haven’t already guessed, this is a product geared toward bodybuilders. It incorporates something called “rapid release liquid technology,” which simply means that RapidLean comes in the form of a liquid gel cap that will quickly dissolve. This is supposed to make the product work faster than other supplement formats. Major ingredients offered in RapidLean are Green Tea Extract (helps the metabolism), Caffeine (stimulant and diuretic), Oolong Tea Extract, Cissus Quadrangularis Extract and Theobroma. There is no money-back guarantee provided to support RapidLean gel caps. While there is a 1-800 number posted on the official website, there are no success stories presented for RapidLean.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

RapidLean is a diet product that is claimed to burn off body fat. It is mostly marketed toward serious weight lifters and bodybuilders. Key active ingredients found in this supplement are Green Tea Extract and Caffeine; both of which are stimulants. A clinical study regarding RapidLean is discussed on some websites that sell the diet drug, however, the study revolves more specifically around an ingredient offered in RapidLean gel caps. It’s claimed that most people drop an average of 10 pounds while taking RapidLean.

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  • This diet product can be acquired easily on the web, often at “discounted prices.”
  • RapidLean gel caps are available to anyone without a prescription.
  • RapidLean supplements contain numerous tea extracts.


  • There are no statements about RapidLean suppressing appetite.
  • This diet drug contains more than one form of caffeine, which is a known diuretic that draws water from the muscles.
  • Success stories are not provided on the website supporting RapidLean.
  • No money-back guarantee is applied to RapidLean.
  • All ingredients for this product are not revealed to potential consumers.
  • RapidLean is really more for serious bodybuilders than standard dieters trying to drop a few pounds.


In the ever-expanding world of diet drugs and weight loss supplements, RapidLean doesn’t make much of a mark. While this product does seem suitable for some weight lifters, it doesn’t appear ideal for most dieters. First of all, RapidLean doesn’t aim to suppress appetite. Secondly, there are large amounts of caffeine in RapidLean, which is never recommended for healthy weight reduction. Most likely RapidLean gel caps would appeal to more individuals if some sort of success stories or money-back guarantee were offered on the official website. As it is, Rapidlean seems designed to take advantage of the large amount of energy already generated by professional body builders during their workouts.

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    ive takin rapid lean before… drink lots of water,eat lots of fruits and vegtables.do not eat food with lots of fat.consume around 1000 calaries per day, do not eat after 8pm you will see results really fast was 357lbs down to 235lbs thats 122lbs lost. walk on a threadmill for 90mins per day, set your speed at 2 to 2.5mph and you will see results really fast…

    hope this helps




    Yeah eating just 1000 calories per day is a terrible idea and anyone who does this will find out why.. all you need is a deficit of 250 a day too lose weight healthily..


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    i have been taking rapid lean for a few weeks now. i bought it because i was looking to try a new product and it was on sale at shoppers drug mart for $16 a bottle (60 capsules) i find that if i don’t do a lot of physical activity during the day (and being a student, where i am often in the library doing research for hours, i do have days where i dont get a lot of physical activity in) then i can not sleep at all. the bottle suggests taking a dose no less than 5 hours before bed time but i need to take at least 10 hours before, otherwise i will not sleep at all.
    no noticeable weight gain after 2 weeks.


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    Chris A.

    @ Joe grilone

    im 16 and i bought it myself at walmart, and no it will not harm you, the only way this will work is with a good regular cardio excersise routine (i would recommend jump rope, real good cardio to burn fat fast!) plus cutting down bad food with high fats and what not, not a strict diet, but just healty foods, follwing that plus the rapid lean, you will notice results in weeks, i would say record your result, and you weight using a scale to see you pounds go low, BUT note this, while doing cardio, aside from burning fat, you also burn muscle so if your looking to gain some, i would say lose the fat, then work on muscle, and a good product (that i also bought at walmart myself) would be Body Fortress Creatine Blend and its cheap around 16 bucks. Well that pretty much covers it, if you need anything just let me know, hope this helped! :)



    I’m fairly certain taking a fat burner will burn some muscle but as long as you keep lifting weight and eat a lot of protein you wont lose much mass also wouldn’t take cratine and a fat burner at the same time.. its like taking a weight gainer and fat burner at the same time


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    I took rapid lean, as directed, for about 4 months. I lost all the muscle mass in my body, im tired all the time and as soon as i stopped, i gained more weight than i took off. It will harm you!



    You took a fat burner for 4 months… what did you expect LOL


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    Joe grillone

    Hi, I am 14 years of age and I am looking to gain muscle and lose a couple last pounds. It says on the package 18 years or older. Will it harm me if I take it? Thanks please help !



    I’m sorry but your seriously too young for these diet pills!!!!!! I foun that out when I was 16 but now im 18 an being 18 is the age you can buy creatine or diet pills!!