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RapidLoss ia a 21 day program that is marketed to those who wish to lose as much weight as they can in the shortest amount of time possible. In this case, that time frame is 21 days. The official website doesn’t have much going on in the way of pictures ads, or much else. It is very straightforward, almost to the point that it looks like it was made by someone sitting in their garage. Surprisingly, once you get past the RapidLoss site’s lack of aesthetics, the information provided is pretty good and easy to understand.

The official RapidLoss website says you can do the 21 day program repeatedly to drop as much weight as you want, but it also recommends this program for those who have an important social gathering coming up or a medical procedure such as a physical in the near future. The basis of RapidLoss consists of two distinct points and these are: calorie restriction and six small meals a day, instead of the traditional three full meals.

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The RapidLoss 21 day plan is based around using the RapidLoss Weight Loss Center. This is a simple program that determines how many calories you need consumer in order to lose a certain amount of weight over 21 days. If you weight 234 pounds, you will cut down to 1755 calories per day, which is really not that bad. The RapidLoss program then tells you that you will eat 293 calories, 6 times a day. All you have to do is stick with this to lose the calculated amount of weight, although there are also a few other features.

RapidLoss also wants you to do two workouts each day. One is scheduled for when you first wake up, and the other is six hours later. This is supposed to help your body burn extra fat because your body doesn’t have food to burn right when you wake up. The official RapidLoss website contains all kinds of calorie and activity calculators that use formulas based on whatever weight you type into them, so make sure you are 100% honest about disclosing weight and exercise habits or your program won’t work well at all. There are all kinds of forms you can print out so you can keep track of your meal calories as well as your exercise. The best thing about RapidLoss is that it is completely free.

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  • Completely free.
  • Handy meal and exercise recommendations.


  • It can be very hard for people to self-motivate and keep going with a program on their own.
  • There are no supplements offered on the official website.
  • RapidLoss will not appeal to those unwilling to exercise each day.


You really have nothing to lose by trying RapidLoss. It’s completely free and has many tips and techniques that have the potential to help you lose weight. The biggest problem with the program is that there isn’t going to be anyone around to help motivate you. It sounds like your success with RapidLoss basically depends on what your weight loss style is; if you do well with willpower based projects, this could be good. We would also suggest combining this free program with a well known appetite suppressant and fat burner to maximize results.

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    I have a question. I need to find out if rapid loss contains any fish products as im highly allergic to fish and want to try this product thanks