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The Rare-Food Elimination Diet is not a diet for weight loss purposes, but a diet for overall health purposes. It involves eating certain foods for a certain period of time to identify which foods are upsetting to your system. Once you identify the foods that are bothersome to your system, you can stop eating them, which will help you look and feel better. If you are considering doing a food elimination diet, read this to see what we think before you get started. We advise you to do this under medical supervision, because if this diet is done correctly, it can permanently change the way your body reacts to certain foods over a period of several months. This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.

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The Rare-Food Elimination Diet starts with you picking the foods you want to eat. Have enough of these foods on hand to last a week. The meal plan is step one. Step two involves eating only foods you do not normally eat, but that agree with your stomach. You should not eat anything that makes you sick, or that you think may make you sick. This is a two week phase. You should only eat whole foods with one ingredient, otherwise you will not be able to pinpoint the problem ingredients. Begin a food diary. Spend a lot of time planning your menu. Learn the various ways you can cook and prepare your foods, and use the time to wean yourself off of caffeine, sugar, and other processed foods to make the transition to the Rare Food Elimination Diet.

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  • The Rare-Food Elimination Diet can help you identify food allergies and other issues with your body.
  • Going on this diet can help improve your immune system and overall health.


  • The Rare-Food Elimination Diet should only be done under medical supervision as it could cause issues with your immune system.
  • This is not an ideal solution for weight loss.
  • This diet is strict and may be hard to stick to.
  • This does not address exercise or physical activity.


The Rare-Food Elimination Diet is not designed to help you lose weight, but to improve your overall health by strengthening your immune system and helping you to identify foods you do not agree with. By no longer eating the foods that upset your body, you can look and feel better, and you may actually see some weight loss as a side effect. If you choose to follow this diet, it is best to do so under medical supervision, as doing this wrong can lead to unwanted side effects.

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