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Raspberry Ketone Platinum is another in a long line of supplements formulated after Dr. Mehmet Oz took to the airways in support of raspberry ketones. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of raspberry ketone supplements or supplements containing the ingredient on the market and none are clinically proven to boost weight loss. There is also a bit of controversy over Dr. Oz’s support of the supplement.

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  • Raspberry Ketones

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At the heart of the huge boost in raspberry ketone supplements on the market is Dr. Mehmet Oz – celebrity doctor. The doctor has a huge influence over products and services. All it takes is a mention of a specific product or service and the world goes crazy. One example is raspberry ketones. Dr. Oz ran a piece on raspberry ketones claiming weight loss in inevitable, but science doesn’t back that claim and neither does the information on Dr. Oz’s website.

Based on the scientific information supplied by Dr. Oz, raspberry ketones have a similar structure to synephrine and capsaicin (not the same just similar), which is why the ingredient is so popular in weight loss markets. Just because the chemical structure is similar does not mean it will work the same. Capsaicin and synephrine have similar structures, but the potential side effects are vastly different.

Another bit of information revealed in Dr. Oz’s description of products like Raspberry Ketone Platinum is that studies have been completed on lab mice and in petri dishes – not on human beings. As a matter of fact Dr. Oz claims there has been just one animal study; so much for proven weight loss.

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  • The ingredients in Raspberry Ketone Platinum are listed online.
  • The only ingredient is raspberry ketones.
  • Most dieters should have no trouble taking the supplement.


  • Some dieters report increased blood pressure after taking raspberry ketones.
  • There are no human trials supporting weight loss claims.
  • The ingredient was promoted for weight loss because it was chemically similar to other weight loss ingredients.


At the end of the day the only proof a dieter has that a weight loss supplement works is testimonials, clinical trials and before and after photos. We found it interesting that the guest who appeared on the Dr. Oz show to promote raspberry ketones for weight loss (with before and after photos from her clients) sells supplements with caffeine and other ingredients, including raspberry ketones. There is no proof the raspberry ketones helped the clients lose weight, but there are a few studies on the impact of caffeine on metabolism.

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