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Raspberry Ketones are one hot ingredient in the weight loss world right now. The push behind this ingredient is a series of clinical studies claiming raspberry ketones will increase fat loss, naturally, without stimulation. The studies have been completed on animals so the effect on humans may not be as prevalent, but that does not take away from the buzz. The power of raspberry ketones rests with adiponcetin. The more adiponcetin available in the body, the less body fat.

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The inner workings of raspberry ketones are rather simple. According to animal research, raspberry ketones increase adiponcetin. When there is more adiponcetin is the body, fat loss tends to occur rapidly. Many of the clinical studies involve feeding rats a high fat diet before giving them injections of raspberry ketones. This raises a red flag. If the clinical studies are based on injections, does the dieter have to take the supplement via injection to promote fat loss?

There is another problem with the ingredient. We found reference to a human study that was not published officially. The study showed minimal differences in humans taking raspberry ketones and those taking a placebo. Much of the information online about the ingredient comes in the form of personal accounts from dieters having taken the supplement. While this information is important, without clinical studies supporting raspberry ketones specifically, there could be a number of reasons why these dieters lost weight taking the ingredient or a supplement containing the ingredient.

The placebo effect is strong and can be enough to promote weight loss. Dr. Oz, a celebrity doctor and weight loss expert, claims raspberry ketones work to reduce body fat. This support may be more than enough to promote the placebo effect in dieters.

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  • Animal studies show fat loss after taking the supplement.
  • Supported by Dr. Oz.


  • No clinical studies on humans are available.
  • One human study showed no significant weight loss (not published.)


There are plenty of clinically proven weight loss ingredients, including chromium, caffeine and green tea. If a supplement contains raspberry ketones along with these ingredients, we are all for trying the supplement, but only if the proven ingredients are included in proven amounts. Too many supplement companies will list clinical data supporting a supplement, only to list ingredients in a proprietary blend.

Dieters need to increase exercise and decrease food intake to lose weight. The effect of raspberry ketones is not strong enough to help a dieter lose weight without strong life changes. With future human studies, we may support raspberry ketones, but as of now, there are no studies to support any effect on humans.

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  • 1

    does raspberry contain alcohol


    Stephen (Editor)

    When left to nature berries can undergo fermentation and have produce alcohol but none in this product.


  • 2
    zoe dexter

    i have lost body fat during use of keytone but i have come out in spots all over my body is this due to using them????


  • 3

    I began taking this product with little expectation, and observed no results for the first week. However, after taking this consistently for 3 months, I am thrilled with my results. I have been the type who religiously works out 3 times a week, but with a pear shaped body, really has trouble targeting problem spots like butt and thighs. In combination with working out about 3 hours a week, as well and a diet high in protein, I have burned off so much fat that I thought I’d never see go! I am so glad I’ve found this supplement, and found the right healthy lifestyle needed to see the results. I recommend for people who want to loose inches in problem spots. Not really for people who just want a flat tummy.

    A few of my concerns: I have been noticing some bruises on my legs and sometimes arms since using this product. Not sure if it’s the workouts or if the product is causing me to bruise easily. SOMETIMES, it can slightly upset my stomach if I take it without food.


  • 4
    Barbara Coulter

    My guestion is I take cumdum or warfrin does Thin 7 cause my blood check raise or lower it?


  • 5
    Your Name

    where can i buy it?


  • 6
    Pat Smith

    can it cause light pink vaginal bleeding in postmenapausal women


  • 7

    In order to see results, you need to take these for awhile I have found. Also make sure you check the ingredients. The ones that contain green tea, caffeine, and other stimulants are not so great for you. Pure raspberry ketones are what you want. It works well for people who have low Adiponectin, a protein used by the body to regulate metabolism. If you don’t have low levels, it may not help you. Your lack of weight loss could be due to eating habits, your thyroid, stress, poor blood sugar regulation, or other hormonal imbalance. You can’t take these and not eat properly. Sugar is the biggest cause of weight gain, that and eating too many high glycemic foods (breads, pasta, alcohol, candy, white rice…). So check the type you are taking, and check your diet and have your doctor check your hormones. Lack of sleep, stress, and poor eating cause tons of problems with weight loss.


  • 8
    Linda Johnstone

    i would like to cancel my next order of raspberry ketones as i have found it didnt work


  • 9

    The recommended dosage is two pills twice a day. I drank a protein shake and ate an apple around 8 am my first day taking these, about thirty minutes later I took my first two pills. I was alert, energized, and ready to go! They also helped my appetite curve. I took the next two around 6 pm after eating a salad, I worked out and had plenty of energy… But around midnight I fainted for the first time in my life! I’m not sure what these things have in them, but they are not FDA approved. Althought they provided me with a great source of energy I won’t be taking them again. I am not overweight and I work out regularly. I am 5’9 and 130 pounds. I am healthy and probably shouldn’t have experimented with a weight loss supplement, but girls are crazy when it comes to looking “good”. If you take these I would be extremely careful!



    I’ve taken these tablets for three days. they have left me in bed with no appetite, terrible headaches, back pain, tummy cramps, freezing cold. then burning. I have had to have time off work as i’m so ill, and have to admit I am contemplating going to my GP as I have never felt so ill.



    You are 5’9 130lbs. Wow, why were you trying to lose weight? I am 5’9 and I weight 165lbs. I am a healthy weight.


  • 10

    Is The TV ” Dr Oz” a licensed medical Doctor.?

    Do the weight reducing products contain Caffeine.?


    martha cohea

    what is the difference between raspberry ketone and flawless raspberry ketone.


  • 11

    I bought my raspberry keytones at sams Club. 125mg rasp.key.
    10mg chromium
    other ingred:dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalinecellulose,stearic acid,croscarmellose sodium, film coatingcellulose, magnesium searate, silica. is this going to help me lose wt., or will it hurt me?



    Hi, did you receive a reply yet? Did the SAMs keytone help you? I just purchased it and going to start, was curious of your results. Thank you!



    Hi, I also just purchased this product at Sam’s Club and was wondering if you have any results to provide? I would love if a brand this inexpensive would work!


  • 12

    hello! i m from romania. i have a question for you.there is in romania an offer, but i don t know how manny pills are in one bottle, i mean for how manny pills i pay! is for 1 mounth? 60? thanks!


  • 13

    I have been taking raspberry keytone supplements for just 2 weeks and I have concerns over it being a strong diuretic as I am up half the night sometimes 5 times to pee and I also experience over acidity and heart burn most evenings. Weight loss is not just about water loss but I wonder whether taking it following an eve meal is a good idea especially with the caffeine content. Any thought?



    I started taking them yesterday. Today, I took one with breakfast and one with lunch. It’s not even 2pm yet and I’ve had to pee about 10 times today already. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, but I do that usually anyway and never have to pee this often. I’m thinking that either these pills are a strong diuretic or I’m pregnant.


    Your Name

    I’ve been having these and I’ve been getting a lot of heartburn at night mine are 100g and I take 1 in the morning and 1 about lunch time iv got 3mths supply


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