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Raspberry Ultra Drops Review - Does this Fat Burner Work? Are ingredients and price deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

raspberryWe’ve heard a lot of buzz about raspberry ultra drop, so we decided to conduct a thorough review, to look closer at the ingredients, the scientific research, company background, and customer service. We went on to read hundreds of testimonials and user reviews from across the Internet. Then, we summarize the condensed everything to provide you with the information you’re looking for.

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What You Need to Know

First of all, Raspberry ultra drops is a weight loss product. Ever since Dr. Oz made a statement about how raspberry ketones were miracle ingredient linked to weight loss, a number of manufacturers use his name to sell their products instead of relying on scientific research and clinical trials. This product is in the long line of supplements without proven results. It contains raspberry ketones, African Mango, green tea, L-carnitine, and L tyrosine.

We were unable to determine when the company was founded. There was a lot of information relating to research on the doctor all show. Though he is a great doctor and more than likely researches his products prior to endorsing them, we feel this product is merely using his name as there was no information available on the website relating to the effectiveness of the product. We like the fact that the drops are easy to find, but read on…

Price – “Yee-Ouch!”

2 ounces of clinical grade raspberry ultra drop, which will last for 15 days, are advertised in a normal price of $99.99. This means you would have to spend $200 a month to consistently use the product. However, the time of this review, the price is marked down to $59.95. While this is a significant discount, it still makes use of the supplement over $100 a month.

“Given that this is a fad ingredient with a high price tag, we advise dieters to proceed with caution.” said our Research Editor.

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Snopes Debunks Dr. Oz Endorsement

While Dr. Oz may endorse raspberry ketones, he does not endorse this particular product.

”In short, consumers who want raspberry ketones (for whatever reason) should look for something other than the Raspberry Ultra Drops product.” said Snopes.

Our research indicates that if there’s part of a diet program that’s hard, like the price, customers won’t be able to continue to use it for very long.

The Science

Webmd states that no studies in humans have demonstrated raspberry ketones as an effective weight loss aid. No human studies have established the safety of using raspberry ketones for such purpose.

The Bottom Line

Initially, we were looking forward to reviewing raspberry ultra drops, because we thought they may be different from other raspberry ketone-based products. Given issues with price, the lack of science to support the ingredient, and the false claim of Dr. Oz endorsing the product, we cannot recommend this product.

If you’d like to drop some weight, we recommend buying a supplement that gives you clinically proven safe and effective ingredients at a price that won’t break the bank.

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How Does Raspberry Ultra Drops Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Ever since Dr. Oz stated raspberry ketones were a “miracle” ingredient and a key to weight loss, the supplement industry has been abuzz. Manufactures use his name to sell products instead of scientific research and clinical trials. Raspberry Ultra Drops is a product in the long line of supplement without proven results on the Dr. Oz bandwagon. Is Raspberry Ultra Drops the miracle supplement or something else?

List of Ingredients

  • Raspberry Ketones
  • African Mango
  • Green Tea
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Tyrosine

Product Features

Raspberry Ultra Drops appears to provide the solution to weight loss, but there are holes in the available information. When we reviewed the website, we encountered four ingredients. Throughout the website, there was mention of a multitude of ingredients. This leads us to question what is actually in the supplement. The only proven weight loss ingredient listed was green tea. Unfortunately, there was no indication as to how much green tea is actually in Raspberry Ultra Drops. Throughout the entire website, there was information relating to research provided on the Dr. Oz show. Dr. Oz is a great doctor and possibly researches products prior to “signing off”. Raspberry Ultra Drops merely uses Dr. Oz as a means to sell the product without scientific research or clinical trials. There was not information available on the website relating to the effectiveness of the product. We would love to state Raspberry Ultra Drops was an inexpensive supplement, but there was no information relating to price or even ordering the supplement. The official website was merely an information-only website. We did find similar raspberry ketone products for sale online, just not Raspberry Ultra Drops.

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  • Raspberry Ultra Drops contains green tea, a proven weight loss ingredient.


  • The supplement is not backed by clinical trials or scientific research.
  • The product is not available for purchase on the official website.
  • The ingredient listing is not available for review on the official website.
  • The supplement is not available for purchase on the official website.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The entire ingredient listing is not available online.


Dr. Oz started a revolution relating to the use of raspberry ketones. Littered on the Internet is information relating to the effectiveness of all products containing this ingredient. There are testimonials and even clinical trials. We did not find clinical research associated with Raspberry Ultra Drops. The makers of the products attempt to jump on the Dr. Oz bandwagon and use the information provided to claim Raspberry Ultra Drops is in the same category. When we visited the website, there was limited information. There was no links to clinical studies or information relating to scientific research. Dieters could not purchase the product on the website if they wanted to purchase the supplement. We encountered information, but nothing else. We finally located Raspberry Ultra Drops on Amazon.com. Raspberry ketones may by the “miracle” dietary supplement, but Raspberry Ultra Drops does not make the case as the best product containing this all-important ingredient.

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    I bought 3 bottles of the ultra drops and decided to use them when I got my diet under control. I finally have gotten off of sugar and was feeling a bit better but wasn’t losing weight. I began using the drops and the weight just sort of FELL off. I knew it had to be the addition of the drops cause I am doing nothing else different. I think they work… just from my experience, but then, everyone’s body is different.



    Lynn, I just ordered these drops to help me get off the diet plateau that I’ve been struggling with for about 4 weeks, ugh! I read that they come with an eating plan, did you try that too? How was it?



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