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Different people prefer different approaches to losing weight and getting fit. Fortunately there are a number of options to consider nowadays. This certainly makes it easier for women and men everywhere to shed unwanted pounds of fat. You can check out a grand selection of supplement formulas, prescription diet pills, over-the-counter weight loss products, exercise machines, diet books, and other methods. One approach that some people choose is the Raw Diet, or raw foods diet plan. It has certainly gained popularity over the years, and it can aid with weight reduction.

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The Raw Diet is essentially an eating plan that incorporates a variety of raw fruits, vegetables, grain products, seeds, nuts, beans, dried fruits, sprouts, and legumes. By eating these foods raw, you are supposed to get ample nutrients, vitamins and minerals from them. This in turn helps prevent disease, makes your hair shinier, improves your skin tone and texture, and heightens your immune system. By embracing the Raw Diet, you cut out meat products, alcohol, caffeine, and refined sugars. There are no specific dietary supplements involved with this diet plan.

Just to be clear, most women and men that embrace the Raw Diet are vegetarians or vegans. This means no meat or dairy products are consumed at all. As you may know, meat and dairy products contain saturated fats and bad cholesterol. By cutting them out of your diet, you will consume less bad fat and cholesterol. Some nutritionists and dieticians state that foods are healthier and more nutritious when consumed raw, simply because heat pulls nutrients and vitamins out of food. This is a major aspect of the Raw Diet, and a primary reason why some individuals endorse it. As for a fitness regimen, this is not necessary for the raw foods diet, but it is certainly conducive to weight loss.

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  • You are likely to consume much less saturated fat and cholesterol on the Raw Diet.
  • Many raw vegetables, nuts, and beans are high in fiber.
  • The Raw Diet may save you money, since you will no longer buy meat and dairy.


  • You can no longer enjoy meat on the Raw Diet.
  • You will need to make certain you get enough protein from beans, legumes, and nuts.
  • There is some risk of getting a parasite when you eat everything raw.
  • Some foods may not taste good uncooked.


When it comes down to it, you must really want it in order to embrace the Raw Diet. After all, you will need to cut out meat and dairy products, which will be difficult for some people. Clearly choosing the Raw Diet means eating less bad fat and cholesterol, which may lead to weight loss. However, this type of diet plan is simply not suitable for everyone.

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