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Naturopaths have been propounding the benefits of a Raw Food Diet for centuries. A Raw Food Diet basically involves eating only raw and unprocessed foods. In times gone by before the use of pesticides and other chemical substances we did not need to worry about whether the fruit and vegetables that we were eating were organic or not. However those that recommend following a Raw Food Diet also now add a word of caution that the fruit and vegetables used should preferably be organic. Many believe that a Raw Food Diet not only energizes the body but also rids the body of toxins which have built up, and that a Raw Food Diet also has a stabilizing effect on body weight.


The Raw Food Diet involves following a diet made up only of raw and unprocessed foods.

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Many advocates of the Raw Food Diet advise using vegetable juices and fruit juices as an integral part of the Raw Food Diet. They believe that juicing these foods is a fast and effective way of absorbing the nutrients into the body. Colonic irrigation is often also recommended when following a Raw Food Diet as a way of eliminating the toxins from the body. The Raw Food Diet is also thought by some to be very healing and some may have heard of the Gherson Diet which entails using raw food in the form of juices to help heal such diseases as cancer. The Gherson Diet has also been used to help those suffering from migraines. Of course anyone suffering from any kind of prior medical condition should only follow a Raw Food Diet under medical supervision or under the supervision of a qualified Naturopath. A number of books have been written about the Raw Food Diet and they can be purchased directly on line.

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  • The Raw Food Diet is said to energize the body.
  • Following a Raw Food Diet will help the body eliminate toxins.
  • Books which have been written about the Raw Food Diet can be ordered directly online.


  • The Raw Food Diet may not be appropriate for those suffering from certain medical conditions.
  • The Raw Food Diet is certainly not the only diet that you can choose to help you lose weight.
  • There is no evidence that the Raw Food Diet is more effective than other diets available.
  • Regular juicing, which forms an integral part of some Raw Food Diets, can be very time consuming and requires expensive professional juicing machines.
  • Not everyone will find the raw food diet easy to follow, since it means eliminating many favourite foods.


If you are searching for an easy to follow diet which can help you lose weight there is no concrete evidence that the Raw Food Diet is more effective than other diets. Additionally, it is one of the most difficult diets to follow. While some health enthusiasts will definitely benefit in numerous ways by following this diet, most people will find it extremely difficult.

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    I would say over all a raw food diet should be adopted. I recently read they be cancer to be a man-made problem, and it could be any amount of chemicals or exposures. Besides food taste better free of preservationist and artificial flavoring.