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Raw Food for Everyone is a new cookbook written by Leah Dubois and Alissa Cohen. For people who are looking to lose weight with a raw food diet, this could be a valuable tool in the dietary arsenal. Take a look at this review to find out more about what the cookbook will share with you.

List of Ingredients

Raw Food for Everyone is a book and therefore does not have any ingredients.

Product Features

Raw Food for Everyone has 300 recipes all centered around making raw foods. The cookbook is written for beginners who are new to cooking raw foods, but would be valuable to people who are experienced cooks and eating raw foods. There are recipes for all three meals of the day, snacks, desserts, cheeses, ice cream, crackers, smoothies, and other things you can use to handle your cravings. Using the recipes in this book can give you everything from your old diet and keep you on track to staying healthy. Some of the recipes in this book include: pumpkin cheesecake, slider hamburgers, pizza, gnocchi with carbonara sauce, and steak. The recipes in this cookbook are written by a chef and restaurateur so they are guaranteed to taste good and fill you up. Overall, this simplifies the process of cooking raw, and shows you that it does not have to be as hard as it seems. Since this is a cookbook, there is no mention of exercise, which is a vital part of weight loss.

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  • Raw Food for Everyone is a good way for people to get into the raw food lifestyle.
  • This is available through multiple merchants online and off.


  • Raw Food for Everyone is not a guarantee for weight loss.
  • Cooking raw food may require you to spend more time in the kitchen.
  • Cooking raw food may require you to spend more money on ingredients.


Raw Food for Everyone is a good option for people who want to go raw and need ideas. The problem with a raw food diet is that many people do not have the time to invest in cooking meals from scratch at home all the time. Many people also do not have the money to invest in the quality ingredients required to follow the raw food lifestyle. Following a raw food diet will produce weight loss as a side effect if you are used to eating a lot of processed foods and excess calories. It however, does not guarantee weight loss, but if you want to lose weight, follow a diet like this, exercise on a regular basis, and use a clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner to boost your efforts.

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