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As you likely know, weight loss, dieting, and nutrition books date back many decades. This essentially means that you will find more of them online and in bookstores than every before. With obesity rates at an all-time high, millions of people around the globe are looking for a weight loss solution. Fortunately there is a little something for everyone. This includes supplements, diet pills, weight loss shakes, workout videos, and plenty of books. One of these books is RAWvolution: Gourmet Living Cuisine. It sells in bookstores, as well as online for a list price of $35.

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RAWvolution is a diet text written by one Matt Amsden. It is 224 pages in length, and was first published in July of 2006. The author is a well recognized raw foods chef out of Southern California. He actually has a company called RAWvolution, and it focuses on delivering raw food meals to a variety of individuals across the US. As for the RAWvolution text, this book embraces a vegan lifestyle that incorporates all kinds of raw cuisine to suit different pallets. Fresh natural ingredients are used to make the meals in this book, and there are plenty of dishes to select from.

Some of the dishes and foods elaborated on in RAWvolution are as follows: onion bread, cookies, cactus salad, pizza, spirulina pie, tacos, desserts, soups, entrees, sauces, and appetizers. Unlike some other diet or weight loss books on the market today, RAWvolution is described as an “all-inclusive guide.” While you learn about various raw food recipes, you additionally learn more about the health benefits from eating raw foods. In this text, the food recipes are all organized by type and level of difficulty to prepare. Any kitchen equipment or appliances needed are noted. Over time, you may be able to shed unwanted body fat on the raw foods diet.

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  • Raw vegetables and fruits are very healthy (loaded with antioxidants).
  • If you embrace the RAWvolution diet, you may consume fewer calories from fat.
  • This book is easy to come by.


  • There are mixed customer reviews for RAWvolution.
  • Some people who have purchased this text state that it has poor recipe instructions.
  • There are no supplements involved for weight loss.
  • There is no fitness regimen encouraged with RAWvolution.


If you are not a vegan, or simply have no intention of becoming one, then RAWvolution is not likely for you. It is clear that you may be able to shed some excess body weight if you embrace a raw foods diet, simply because you will be cutting out meat products, which are fatty. However, there is no fitness regimen recommended with RAWvolution, and you may get tired of only consuming uncooked cuisine.

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