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If you are new to the diet scene, then you should be warned right away that there is a vast plethora of weight loss supplements at your disposal. While a few of these formulas do require a doctor’s prescription, the majority of them do not. In fact, most of them are available online through various websites. One of these products is Razberi-K (also a common ingredient in diet pills). If you are not familiar with this substance, then you should know it is often claimed to help with fat reduction.

Just so you know, there is no unique diet plan or extreme fitness regimen recommended with Razberi-K. Although healthy eating and regular exercise are parts of a healthy lifestyle, this product is not directed to be taken in conjunction with them. Razberi-K is simply a diet formula that is intended to be taken daily, but without any lifestyle change involved.

List of Ingredients

Sesame Oil, Gelatin, Mixed Tocopherols, Lecithin, and Glycerolmonostearate.

Product Features

Razberi-K is a supplement formula manufactured by Spectra Force Research. It can be found on websites like powerhouse-supplements.com for $16.88 (60 capsules). The purpose of this dietary formula is to aid users with weight loss. Although it is commonly seen as a core ingredient in other diet pills, this Razberi-K supplement appears to function as a single component. It can be taken once or twice daily (1-2 capsules), and is emphasized to be taken prior to workouts. Other than aiding with fat burning, Razberi-K is also claimed to prevent the absorption of fat in the body. There is no clinical research provided with this product to support weight loss claims. Nor are there any customer testimonials posted to give dieters an idea of how well it works.

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  • Razberi-K is commonly seen these days as a main ingredient in weight loss products.
  • This dietary supplement is okay for both women and men to use.


  • No testimonials are presented for Razberi-K capsules.
  • This diet product does not aim to heighten thermo genesis.
  • There is no mention of a return or refund policy with Razberi-K capsules.
  • Clinical trial results are not offered to support this diet product.
  • Some dieters may experience negative reactions to this supplement.


When all is said and done, Razberi-K is typically just one of several key active ingredients in weight loss pills these days. Regardless, this product from Spectra Force Research may be able to help some women and men with weight reduction to some degree. On the other hand, you should keep in mind that this diet pill does not boost thermo genesis, aid with appetite suppression or increase the user’s energy levels. In comparison to several other weight loss products on the market now, Razberi-K does not really stand out.

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5 User Reviews about Razberi-K

  • 1

    What does the ‘K’ stand for is it the same ‘K’ as found Collards, Turnips and Kale?


  • 2

    im overweight question about the razberi-k drops does it work and whats the side effect thinking about using the it. A lady a work on tonight had a bottle and thinking about going get a a bottle in the moring.. Thinks


  • 3

    ive been using razberi-k for 2 weeks and love it alreaddy seying a difrence … no side effect .. and keeps me going enegy wise all day :) been taking 1 twice a day … going to up it up to 2 twice a day … great product !


  • 4

    I am holding a bottle of Razberi-K in my hands; the ingrediants are Raspberry ketones,brown rice flour, and/or magnesium stearate, silica. This is an all natural product.100% natural Ketones, and if you go to the SWANSON Health Product site you can read reviews. There are NO side effects;because it is 100% natural.I have been using this for 1 week and feel great! I have lost 4 pounds, and didnt change a thing.


  • 5
    Carol Brinson

    Is Razberi-K all natural..aka pure extract from actual rasberries…or synthetic made in lab?