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Real Food is a book written by Nina Planck. Nina Planck is food writer that is a self proclaimed expert on farmer’s market foods and local foods. The Real Food book claims that 21st century health problems and weight problems are not caused by eating foods like butter, lard, pork and beef. According to the author, these foods have been in use far longer than the modern health issues related to food have been recognized.

The Real Food book is a topic of debate among other food experts and dieticians. The medical community stands fast on the idea that high fat foods cause weight gain and are a contributor to weight related illness.


At the heart of the Real Food ideas are the integration of natural foods that have been eaten for millions of years into the diet. The Real Food mentality gives the reader a positive view of eating foods normally prohibited in a weight loss plan such as milk, cream, butter, egg yolks and coconut oil.

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The Real Food book provides readers with a look at the past in hopes of changing the future. The claims of the book focus on the fact that over the past 3 million years, foods like beef and milk have been a part of a healthy diet and that weight issues and weight related illnesses are fairly new discoveries in the medical community.

The book provides an outline of what foods are good to eat and an explanation on why those foods should be included in an everyday diet plan for overall health improvements.

The Real Food book also defines industrial foods and explains why these foods are the ones that should be avoided and not the natural foods available on the market today. Industrial foods are defined as trans fats, corn oils, sugar, white flour and refined carbohydrates.

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  • The Real Food book focuses on whole foods as a part of a healthy diet.
  • The book explains the harmful effects of industrial foods which have been linked to weight gain.


  • There is no scientific evidence backing the claims that the prescribed foods are good for overall health.
  • The Real Food book is about eating, not weight loss.
  • There are no testimonials on the site regarding the Real Food plan and weight loss.
  • The Real Food book advocates eating high fat foods.


The Real Food book by Nina Planck is a new approach to healthy eating. The debate surrounding the book is, without a doubt, the source of the excitement regarding the “findings”. The book, however, does not focus on weight loss, rather the need for whole foods in the diet for overall health.

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