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There are plenty of weight loss options to select from. Many of these diets and programs require major changes that some people are simply not ready to make in their lives. Well, Real Living Nutrition is one option that is based around small changes. If you are not familiar with this online weight loss program, it was founded by one Meri Raffetto. According to the official website, she has more than 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition counseling. Raffetto developed Real Living Nutrition back in 2003, and also publishes a monthly newsletter for this website.

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Real Living Nutrition is a series of weight loss programs to suit different needs. The primary focus of these programs is making subtle changes in your life in order to improve your overall health and reduce unwanted body fat. This way dieters do not have to opt for an entire lifestyle change, and the weight loss results are supposed to be long-term. These programs are based on studies that have shown real results, and the participants have kept the weight off for more than three years. In other words, Real Living Nutrition is not supposed to be a quick fix.

There are six key benefits that dieters may receive from Real Living Nutrition programs. These are as follows; increased energy levels, long-term weight reduction, improved health, minimized signs of aging, a decreased risk of chronic diseases and health problems, and an improved sense of well-being. There are several trained dieticians that assist with Real Living Nutrition programs. As for the programs themselves, there are three of them, which are the Balance Program ($225), Mini Diet Makeover ($50), and Healthy Living Program ($120 for six sessions). There are some testimonials posted on the main website, along with a Real Living Nutrition blog. There are also some informative articles provided.

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  • This type of weight loss program is suitable for women and men alike.
  • The Real Living Nutrition programs are available through the web, which is convenient.
  • There are customer testimonials presented on the primary website.


  • There are no fitness regimens or exercise mentioned for Real Living Nutrition.
  • No convenient supplements are used with these programs.
  • There is no guarantee that Real Living Nutrition programs will work for you.
  • Some dieters may not like dealing with their weight loss efforts online.


There are so many online weight loss programs and informative websites at your disposal now. This can certainly make things a little confusing. In regards to Real Living Nutrition programs, there really does not seem to be anything unique or special about this weight loss option. Therefore you may want to consider other methods of weight reduction at your disposal. There are plenty of other programs and supplement formulas to consider.

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