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If you are just getting started with weight loss and improving your overall health, then you should understand right off the bat that there are countless options. While some people have success with fitness programs, others prefer diets with preplanned meals. There are also plenty of supplement formulas, prescription diet pills, and diet books at your disposal. In this review, we will take a closer look at one of these books, which is entitled The RealAge Diet. Like other weight loss/diet texts, this book aims to help you shed unwanted weight and improve your overall health.

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The RealAge Diet is a book that specifically endeavors to help you make yourself look younger by changing your diet. It was written by both Michael F. Roizen and John La Puma. This text sells for around $4 to $10, depending on where you purchase it from. It is available online through websites like Amazon. The RealAge Diet book is 400 pages in length, and was first published in April of 2001. There are no dietary supplements involved with this text.

The core focus of The RealAge Diet is that some foods accelerate aging, while other foods reverse signs of aging. In other words, you can make yourself look younger by consuming the right foods. After all, there have been studies on all sorts of foods, and the effects they have on the human body, as well as your appearance. The RealAge Diet provides readers with food choice tips, cooking advice, meal preparation pointers, and how to get a better figure/physique. There are some basic dieting principles addressed in this text, and a change in lifestyle is typically required. There are a few customer reviews posted on sites like Amazon for The RealAge Diet.

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  • This book may be able to assist you with anti-aging.
  • Like most weight loss books, healthier foods are encouraged in this text.
  • It is easy to acquire The RealAge Diet book online.


  • There is no specific exercise plan addressed with this text.
  • Some dieters may prefer a more simplified weight loss pill.
  • This diet book calls for a significant change in lifestyle.
  • There are so many diet books on the market today.


Choosing a diet book can get pretty confusing. After all, many of them make the same promises. As for The RealAge Diet, one unique aspect of this book is that it is supposed to encourage anti-aging. This is one factor that may draw in some dieters. However, others may not want to read a book and change their entire lifestyle in order to lose weight. After all, there are plenty of dietary supplements available today that can also aid with weight loss.

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