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RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1 Review - Does This Pill Really Work? Are lack of scientific results and customer complaints deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0
RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1 Review

My love of diet products is bested only by my passion for reviewing them 🙂 We took the time to create an in-depth review of Realdose Weight Loss Formula No 1, examining the side effects, ingredients, overall customer care and clinical research. We additionally read countless user reviews and dieter comments found online. Finally, we summed up and condensed to give you the info you need.

EDITOR'S TIP: Substitute RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1 with a proven fat burner such as Leptigen for better results.

What You Need To Know

To start, Realdose offers six different supplements and one of them is specifically for weight-loss. It’s called Realdose Weight Loss Formula No 1 and it sells for $60.30. The company claims the formula helps convert more food into energy, suppress appetite, balance hormone levels and cause that drop on the scale you’re looking for. This product contains piper betel leaf, dolichos biflorus seeds, green coffee bean extract, rhodiola rosea and bioperine. You take it daily and it’s small enough to travel with you.

Realdose Nutrition LLC released this weight loss product in 2013. Purchases can be made through some retailers and the official website. There is an informative video presentation provided on the web and a money-back guarantee is also available. Some positive customer feedback is posted, but read on…

Lack of Scientific Research – “Concerned Yet?”

Our first issue relates to Realdose Weight Loss Formula No 1 ingredients lacking clinical support and thus are not effective, according to users. “The science behind a product is there to give dieters an assurance that weight-loss results have been seen in humans,” says our Research Editor. “Companies that leave out the information are basically telling the buyer to keep on moving.”

One user stated, “Find this product worthless. It made absolutely NO difference in my appetite or metabolism. Just another worthless scam for overweight people desperate to try anything!”

Another said, “A lot of money for something that seemed to have little/no noticeable difference in my weight loss regimen – wasn’t impressed.”

Yet another said, “Been taking this for almost a week. I only take 2 a day as my stomach is sensitive in the morning. Not seeing any difference yet.”

Customer Complaints – “Too Many?”

If the buyer is not happy with the supplement that’s a major problem. According to one dieter, “I just started on weight loss formula, I had a very sore stomach for days, maybe I never ate enough food, I think that it may have been the pepper in it.”

“Don’t waste your money, it’s not worth it,” said another dieter.

After doing a lot of research, it’s clear that if a specific part of a weight-loss pill or diet program is especially burdensome (no clinical studies, pills that cause side effects, too many complaints) the chances of long-term weight-loss success is very low. If Realdose fails to help the dieter lose more, this could be quite problematic.

Is There Real Scientific Support?

Although scientific studies are mentioned on the official website, you will notice that these studies do not pertain specifically to Realdose supplements. In other words, there is no published clinical research presented on Realdose Weight Loss Formula No 1. Here at DietSpotlight, we must see documented clinical evidence that a diet product actually works to assist with weight reduction. When that part of the equation is left out that could cause trust issues with dieters.

The Bottom Line – Does Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1 Work?

OK, do you need to rush out right now and buy up every bottle? First of all, there is no published scientific research to support this weight-loss product. It also bothers us that there are plenty of customer complaints posted online and the company hasn’t been around for long.

If you’re anxious to get started losing weight, then we suggest you try out a diet formula that is supported by real clinical studies and positive customer reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. Its proprietary blend of four key ingredients have been proven in published scientific studies to help boost fat loss and accelerate metabolism. We can’t pinpoint any negative talk of harmful side effects and user feedback posted online reveals people are seeing great results.

Plus, the company behind Leptigen is confident in their product so they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, positive sign.

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How Does RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1 Compare?

Previous RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1 Review (Updated March 11, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Weight loss is typically a challenge. This is because most people have certain eating habits and routines. Needless to say, it is difficult to break these habits and alter these routines. However, by eating a healthy, low-fat diet and exercising regularly, you can certainly achieve serious weight loss. Moreover, the right dietary supplement or weight loss pill can also help you shed unwanted pounds. Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is one product you might consider. It is available with no prescription needed, and it sells for $67 (one-month supply). Ingredients:
  • Dolichos Biflorus
  • Betel

Product Features

Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 is said to contain natural ingredients to promote fat loss. More specifically, this supplement controls hunger or appetite. This way you consume fewer calories each day, which can lead to weight loss. Although a low-calorie diet plan and regular exercise are not mentioned, it is always prudent to adopt sensible eating habits and an active lifestyle when you are striving to shed unwanted pounds of fat. There is no clinical research presented to support Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1. There are only two ingredients mentioned for this weight loss product. These are Betel and Dolichos Biflorus. While it is clarified that these are herbal ingredients, it is not explained how they assist the body with weight reduction. It is likely that these herbs control hunger and reduce the appetite. Although minimal information is offered on these ingredients, they are claimed to be safe. No key ingredients are mentioned for fat burning or boosting the metabolism. Even though there were no customer testimonials found to support Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, there is a money-back guarantee provided.

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  • A money back guarantee is provided with Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1.
  • This weight loss pill may help reduce your appetite.


  • No complete ingredient list is provided for review.
  • The two key ingredients mentioned for this diet pill are not explained.
  • Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1 could lead to side effects.
  • No regular exercise is recommended with this supplement.
  • A healthy diet plan is not encouraged.


When you stop to consider the serious lack of information provided on Realdose Weight Loss Formula No. 1, you must be leery about this weight loss formula. This is why we do not recommend this diet pill for safe weight loss. Even though it contains natural herbs, it is unclear how these ingredients even work. Moreover, there are no user testimonials found to support this diet product. It is important to take some time to research a number of weight loss options before making any decisions on one specific product.

RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1 Questions & Answers:

We spent hours looking at hundreds of customer reviews about RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1, and then we summed up everything into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

Possible RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 side effects may include upset stomach, headache, nausea, diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

What are the ingredients in RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 ingredients are piper betel leaf, dolichos biflorus seed extract, decaffeinated green coffee bean extract, rhodiola rosea and Bioperine.

Does RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 work?

Unfortunately there is no solid clinical research that supports the weight-loss claims pertaining to RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1. While it’s good to see that this supplement contains green coffee bean extract, it is decaffeinated, so that could affect results.

If you’re interested in trying something with clinical testing and strong user support, you may want to look at Leptigen.

How much does RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 cost?

The cost of RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 is $60 per bottle, and it’s available via the company website.

How should I take RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

In order to use RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1, you need to take one capsule three times daily, prior to meals. A bottle will last for 30 days.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact RealDose Nutrition LLC by calling 1-800-928-5580 or emailing support@realdosenutrition.com.

Can I take RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 if I have a health condition?

According to the official website, you should consult a doctor before taking RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 if you have a health condition, are taking a prescription medication, are pregnant or nursing or are under the age of 18.

What do users like about RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

Some customers like that RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 contains natural ingredients, is free of gluten and does not require a doctor’s prescription.

What do users NOT like about RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

Some users do not like that RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 is not supported by solid science and that there are numerous customer complaints posted on distributor websites such as Amazon.

Is RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 totally natural?

Yes, according to the official website, RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 is completely natural.

Is regular exercise required with RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

No, regular exercise is not required with RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1.

Does RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 contain any caffeine?

No, RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 does not contain any caffeine.

Does Real Dose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 come with a guarantee?

Yes, there is a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1?

Well, the official website does offer discounted prices when you purchase multiple bottles of RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No 1 at once. However, you should also be aware that the last few months many of our readers have been very excited about Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a shot.

15 User Reviews About RealDose Weight-Loss Formula No1

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  • 1

    Just because the booklet lists helpful tips to increase your weight loss speed doesn’t mean that the product is doing its job. If all the product is doing is shrinking people’s appetites then they shouldn’t advertise it as a weight loss supplement. It should be advertised as something to help you diet, not to help you burn fat into energy. That’s called false advertising. The video specifically states that the pill would make your hormones start to burn fat into energy. What they didn’t say was that you would have to help your body do that. They listed multiple factors that would increase the speed of the weight loss caused by this pill. Also, if they really had anything that was an actual fresh fruit in there with all of the nutrients, they wouldn’t be able to have it stored at room temperature, and it wouldn’t be a white powder. You have to add chemicals to do that. Also, in America, something that came from something alive or something that once was alive counts as all-natural. It doesn’t matter what they did to it, as long as they aren’t completely poisoning you and there aren’t too many lawsuits.


  • 2

    I just started on weight loss formular, i had a very sore stomach for days,maybe i never ate enough food, i think that it may have been the pepper in it,not shore? I am going to retry it though as i felt it did controll appetite, i did do a fair bit of research,it sounds worth another try once my tumy settled.


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Catherine, you might want to look at Leptigen a product with safer ingredients. Click here and see if its for you.


  • 3

    I live in Australia and would like to know where I can purchase realdose formula 1 from. I called the number for ordering and they stated they don’t ship to Australia.



    Your Name

    Hi, you can order off the site, and I was told shipping is $9.95. Anthony on the live chat told me that today.


    Your Name

    does not work



    Buy on amazon


  • 4

    from Canada…….in regards to above comments they do have a video and testimonials and base their studies on hormones in our body that influence weight loss.so is thiss all a lie?????? Ican’t afford to waste money..do not want get scammed again. can someone tell me the truth.thanks so much help???


    Your Name

    dont waste your money its not worth it



    Dont waste your money on any products that have more than two or one negative complaints about the product or false advertising. Take the hair/body product wen for example. I always look at complaints for products that claim to be unlike any other, because every product is like that for a reason. Most likely the fact that they don’t want to be sued for false advertising, and the fact that it would be different if it was possible.


  • 5

    Can realdose be found in Ghana(west Africa)?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Hi Tilda, It is offered online and through some retailers. For more info on availability see their contact information in the Q&A section.


  • 6
    derek bampton

    I am happy with Realdose formula…I think,for me,it’s biggest benefit is the great lessening of unnecessary
    craving for food! After day four,I lost all desire for my passion,desserts and sweets! Many people are very
    undisciplined,especially those who live in the country of fast food!! One lady complained Realdose didn,t
    help,and was a waste of money…She said she had only one apple for lunch,but didn’t say that she had
    two martinis!! Many people are unhealthy,and dream that Realdose is a cureall…..and Realdose includes
    a booklet outlining what foods to eat,and which to avoid…and stresses the need for exercise……I suspect
    that some vicious reviews may also be subsidized by the competion?! Regards from Derek,Canada.


  • 7

    HI! Thank you for the review. Great information. I just want to clarify for your readers, however. Weight Loss Formula has more than just two ingredients. I use the product and seen excellent results with it! I am stedily losing weight and I also love the increased energy I feel and it helps my appetite and cravings! It is very important to follow a healthy eating program while taking this product to see desired results. It’s not a “miracle” pill, but works for most who follow the program provided and use it as recommended.
    These are the FIVE ingredients in the product:
    The main weight buring ingredient is DECAFFEINATED Green Coffee Bean extract
    Also added for hormone balance is:
    Dolichos Biflorus Seed Extract and Betel Leaf Extract
    and for stress reduction:
    Siberian Rhodiola Rosea
    To help increase absorbability and duration of action of the other ingredients:
    Pepper (Piper Nigrum)
    I hope you will keep your readers fully informed about products you review by adding all the information next time. Thanks!



    Thank you I am using the weight lost formula as well and I am doing great I am following up with a healthy diat plan ..no side effect so far. Thank you for your input


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