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The reality diet claims that you can easily lose weight living like a normal person. This diet is made for real people living in the real world. It is not meant for people who are extremely obese, or people that are able to strenuously exercise. This diet allows users to still eat the foods they love, but it requires them to eat many foods that are high in fiber. This diet has many things that look great, but there are also many drawbacks. Many people that have used this diet complains that it can have a negative impact on their health and that sometimes it can be difficult to eat the fiber that is needed.

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The Reality diet features a high fiber diet. For every 90 calories, the creators of this diet recommend that users eat 2 grams of fiber. This can be a lot of trouble because when people consume a lot of fiber, it can affect their bodily functions. The Reality Diet is great for users that want to lose a few pounds each week, but for users that are more serious about losing weight this can be a very difficult and slow going process. The main benefit of the Reality Diet is that this diet can be a very healthy way to lose weight at a slow pace, but many people want to lose weight faster this is not a good diet.

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  • This diet is a healthy way to lose a few pounds a week.
  • The Reality Diet is inexpensive and easy to follow.


  • This diet can require a lot of fiber and this can mess with your health.
  • The Reality Diet does not allow users to lose weight quickly.
  • This diet can be extremely difficult because of the large amounts of fiber.
  • The Reality diet is not for people that are overweight.


The Reality Diet offers users the chance to lose weight at a healthy pace and in a healthy way. This diet is easy to follow and users love being able to lose weight in a healthy way. However, there are many drawbacks to this diet. First, this diet is only beneficial for extremely slow weight loss and many users are unwilling to wait to lose the weight. The Reality Diet also is only for normal people. This diet cannot be used for people that are obese and need to lose weight quickly. This is a good diet in theory, but many people believe that the drawbacks seriously outweigh the benefits and many people that have tried this diet believe that the pace of the weight loss is much too slow.

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