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Rebody Hunger Caps are nothing more than saffron extract. Saffron is a kitchen spice that is extremely expensive, but supposedly the saffron extract in Rebody Hunger Caps is derived from the same expensive plant using an inexpensive method. This means everyone can enjoy the proven benefits of saffron. There are multiple new supplements on the market claiming to have this proven ingredient in the formula, but we rarely find clinical studies supporting the claims that the supplement or ingredient has even been tested. We were able to find plenty of references to the studies completed on saffron extract, but we were not able to find any links to the studies published in trusted medical journals. The huge push for saffron extract could be associated with the fact that Dr. Oz supports the ingredient.

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  • Satiereal Saffron Extract

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Saffron extract may well be the next huge dieting breakthrough, but the companies selling supplements with this ingredient are obligated to share the clinical research with dieters so they know the supplement is proven. In the Rebody Hunger Caps description, we found mention of clinical support, but again there was no evidence. We also found mention that it takes eight weeks or more for the dieter to notice the mentioned results. That is two months of supplementation before hunger is reduced. That’s an awfully long time to wait for results.

Another problem we have with Rebody Hunger Caps, or saffron extract in general, is the connection between the extract and mood. Several websites claim the clinical studies showed the extract worked just as good as prescription antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. This could mean that dieters currently taking antidepressants should not take saffron extract. We found no warning, but the connection concerns us a bit.

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  • Ingredients for Rebody Hunger Caps are listed online.
  • The Hunger Caps may reduce hunger with regular, on-going use.
  • Clinical trials have been completed on saffron extract.


  • It takes eight weeks or more to feel the full effects.
  • If the dieter is currently taking prescription medications they should ask their doctor before taking saffron extract.


We’d like to believe that Rebody Hunger Caps and other saffron extract supplements are going to help the dieter lose weight and control hunger and there is some clinical support for this claim, but we are not sold on the safety of the supplement. If the supplement alters mood, we believe it could have some impact on dieters with mental health issues. Until further research in this area is completed, we suggest these dieters steer clear of any product containing saffron extract.

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    just started taking the pills again they work pretty well & fast so the claims that you haft a month it isn’t necessarily true I guess it goes by the person and not the product


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