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ReCharge by Labrada is an anabolic primer that is taken throughout the day to increase muscle gains and decrease recovery time between workouts. ReCharge may have been replaced with SuperCharge as it is no longer listed on the Labrada website. The supplement is taken three times a day about 30 minutes before eating. Each dose is four capsules. Third party websites still sell the supplement for $36.95 per bottle. This is a $30 savings over the suggested price; another indication that ReCharge backstock is being sold. It is important to check the dates with the retailer before paying for a product that is discontinued by the manufacturer.

List of Ingredients

Anabolic Primer Proprietary Blend: Arginine Ethyl Ester HCI, Nitrous Malate (Di-Arginine Malate), Creatine Ethyl Ester HCI, Nicotinic Acid.

Recovery Complex: Humanofort, NGF, EGF, CTGF.

Product Features

Arginine ethyl ester and di-arginine malate are generally the same ingredient. Arginine is used in the body to product NO, but supplementation is no necessarily going to speed up or bulk up that process. According to Labrada, the ethyl ester variety of Arginine is more potent at lower doses, but studies are not supportive of this claim.

Creatine ethyl ester is a derivative of creatine monohydrate. It is hard for the body to digest creatine which is why there are so many different types of creatine sold today. Ethyl ester was once thought to be a prime creatine that was easier to utilize by the body, but research studies soon left that claim behind when it was revealed that most of the creatine ethyl ester consumed was broken down in the intestine.

Nicotinic acid is just niacin, the B vitamin. There is very little of this ingredient in ReCharge so the effect will be minimal on the body. While niacin is typically used to boost vasodilation, it can also cause a flushing effect on the skin leaving the user “feeling” the supplement work.

Humanofort is offered as a standalone product by Labrada and as part of the ReCharge supplement. Humanofort is supposed to boost free testosterone, but Labrada does not back up this claim with any proof.

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  • Some of the ingredients, like creatine, could work with stacked with other supplements.


  • Creatine will cause water retention and weight gain.
  • No fat burners are included in the supplement.
  • This is not a product dieters will find effective.
  • Labrada no longer sells ReCharge.


When paying money for a natural weight loss supplement dieters want a product that will work. This is not the product to choose. Bodybuilding supplements that contain creatine may actually cause weight gain as water is pulled into the muscle for that classic feeling of fullness. Not a benefit for the dieter.

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