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What You Should Know

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Recreate is marketed to body builders and other people who want to add weight and lean muscle mass. Recreate is a diet and fitness aid and is promoted and produced by the company USP Labs. Recreate is suppose to contained a formula that can help people to build up their muscles and increase weight. The company states the formula works by cutting body fat and helping the user to build up with lean muscle mass.

List Of Ingredients

The Recreate product is suppose to be formulated with the following ingredients: WillPower – Pure Caralluma Fimbriata, SCModular – Engineered Extract From Coffee Arabica L, ThyriodFast – Engineered Extract From Olea Europaea, Caffeine, Forslean and Cir20x – Beta-D-Gluco-Pyranosyloxy phenyl-5-Hydroxy-6, 7-Dimethoxy-4H-1-Benzopyran-4-One Engineered Extract From Microtea Debilis.

Product Features

The company that makes Recreate state that people will feel results through increased energy from the first dose. The ingredients used in the formula are suppose to help provide high energy levels without the typical crash. Additionally, the company claims users no longer have cravings for junk food and they also are said to experience an overall warming all over the body. The company says this indicates that the body burning fat. USP Labs claim one of the ways the Recreate formula works is by cutting down on fat through Lipolysis. According to the company, the ingredient Cir20x is suppose to stimulate the Lipolysis process in the body. Lipolysis is the process of stored fat in the cells breaking down. USP Labs claims this occurs most often in small pockets of body fat that are commonly found in troubled areas such as love handles and saddlebags.

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  • Recreate appears to be based on generally accepted theories.
  • Recreate is suppose to have a fat burning component.
  • Recreate is easy to find available.


  • Recreate may not have all natural ingredients used in their formula.
  • Recreate does not have any supporting scientific evidence to verify their claims.


Recreate is apparently designed to appeal to athletes, bodybuilders and other people interested in enhancing strength and muscle mass. The ingredients are marketed as being able to provide a number of benefits that are suppose to target fat loss in addition to building muscle mass. General dieters may not choose to try Recreate due to the thought that it might bulk one up beyond their desire. However, there is no evidence to support the claims made by the company. They do not have a nutritional component in their system and no daily exercise routine recommendations. These two components are widely accepted as being core requirements in any successful weight loss or body building program.

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