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Red Bull is an energy drink that currently dominates the U.S. market and is sold around the world. Red Bull claims to boost metabolism, improve performance, increase concentration and reaction speed, and increase endurance. Red Bull is used mainly as a performance enhancer but is frequently used by those trying to lose weight as the caffeine provides a thermogenic benefit. Thermogenesis is a process in the body that speeds up metabolism and burns adipose (fat) tissue. The stimulant effect of the caffeine also increases activity levels which help to burn calories.

Red Bull has had a checkered history since it was first produced in 1997 on a large scale. It has been incorrectly condemned for its high caffeine content which is actually about the same as the average cup of coffee. Small scale clinical studies have been performed on Red Bull and have had mixed results. Some of the studies link the product to heart disease and high blood pressure but there have been no definitive results.

Red Bull has a different formulation in different parts of the world. The ingredient list below relates to the North American version of the product. Red Bull has also recently developed Red Bull Cola which bills itself as all natural, containing no synthetic preservatives or flavorings.


Sucrose, glucose, Inositol, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, niacin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B12, and caffeine.

Product Features

Red Bull’s stimulant effect comes from more than just its caffeine content. Taurine is a natural amino acid found in the body. It is excreted under conditions of extreme physical activity and stress and is not replaced quickly. The B group vitamins in Red Bull also help to boost the body’s metabolic rate and improve concentration and focus.

According to the company’s website, Red Bull should be consumed in the same moderation as other caffeinated drinks like coffee. Each serving contains 80 mg. of caffeine, approximately the same as coffee and about the same as two cola beverages.

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  • Provides short term energy and concentration.
  • Portable and easy to consume.


  • Not thoroughly clinically tested as yet.
  • Expensive compared to other caffeinated beverages.
  • May not provide enough caffeine to produce weight loss.


Red Bull Energy Drink is definitely one of the hot new beverage trends. The combination of caffeine, B vitamins and Taurine may be able to boost metabolism. However, if your main goal is weight loss, there are many products on the market today that contain caffeine as well as other clinically-proven ingredients that help to burn fat and accelerate weight loss.

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  • 1
    M Kumar

    I have a dance performance in 3 days…i never dance since 7 yrs and i have to perform 5 min non stop…i get tires quickly these days..can i drink red bull before my performance..i need your suggestion guyz..


    Stephen (Editor)

    Redbulll contains much caffeine; many users experience energy boosts after drinking it.


  • 2

    i am drinking redbull from last 9 years when i drink yesterday it is the worst redbull i have ever drink i think i should tell my friends and reletivs not to drink redbull


  • 3
    kathy s

    This drink has change my life literally. It amazing. Well worth the money. Im finishing projects i never thought i would. I actually feel this drink has made me smarter. Thank u red bull. I know im a late bloomer to this brand but u got a costomer for life thank you. This drink is going to the sole reason for my success. I was depressed lack luster hopeless. So glad i decided one day to give red bull a chance. Ill never be the same. Thank u.


  • 4

    I rate this ONE star because it demands “something”. Otherwise I would rate it as NOTHING! My sister had one with GLASS SHARDS and is getting ZERO response thus far from the company. I WILL be following up with the company, as will she and when I get the batch number from her, I will share. This needs to not only be recalled, but please… STOP POISONING YOUR BODIES WITH THIS! For the big corporations, it’s all about the almighty dollar. NOT about your health. That’s all they care about.


    Your Name

    This is true. Not good !!,


    Your Name

    Not good for you.


  • 5
    rosemary harwood

    I love it because, as said above it gives me a boost. My enjoyment of it is ruined by my friends jumping on me, telling me it is bad for me (I am 75 and in excellent health (I hope!!) that it is going to kill me and every other vitriolic word they can heap on me. PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH,


  • 6

    need stock here in kampla uganda africa


  • 7

    Can a red bill drink show up as an amphetamine in a drug test





    Your Name

    I would like to know that answer!


    Your Name

    There is no amphetamine in redbull. So no it would not.



    Whats a Red Bill?


  • 8

    I love Red Bull. I started drinking it in 2009 when I worked the night shift…it was a life saver. My problem is I have no appetite for the last year. I have to force myself to eat and I instantly get full even if I still feel hungry…so I have examined every aspect of my life to try & figure out why the extreme weight loss. My only conclusion is that its the Red Bull. Some would be happy to drop all this weight but I have no shape anymore. I love how this drink tastes & I consume 16-32oz a day. Any thoughts on this?


  • 9

    Redbull can make you very sore for like 2-4 days, if you play sports to give you energy. I always take redbull to give me energy to play sports but the side effect is that it can make you very sore if you over do what your body can’t handle


  • 10

    I tried the Red Bull, regular, drink and love the taste. I just hope there’s no side effect from consuming too much. I am not a big soda nor coffee drinker, but am hooked on this Red B for it’s crisp and refreshing taste. I seem to be reaching for one everyday and I sleep soundly as usual and don’t feel any pumped up energy. I usually have one with meals or between meals. I am in my 40’s.


  • 11

    If you have not tasted it then just do not do that,Once you get addicted then it is a problem and for weight loss there are other better ways,It contains high amount of Sugar and Caffine,and the sugerfree once are of bitter taste.


  • 12
    Red Bull Drinker and Lover

    I like to drink RedBull one each daily and also I have read much about it but still not found that what is the effect of it according to the sexuality???????????????



  • 13

    effects of red bull in combination with weight loss supplements


  • 14

    should i drink red bull if i have ms





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