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So many women and men want to get fit and stay in shape. After all, they see countless celebrities and models with amazing bodies on television all the time. Naturally many people want to achieve the same kind of physique. Well, this is where the Red Carpet Diet comes into the picture. There is actually a process to getting fit and slim like the celebrities on the red carpet. This often involves a strict diet plan and plenty of rigorous exercise. However, there is also a supplement on the market, which is called the 3-Day Red Carpet Diet.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

The Red Carpet Diet is a capsule formula that is only taken for three days in a row. This is why it is called the 3-Day Red Carpet Diet supplement. This weight loss product can be found on websites like Amazon, and sells for a list price of $18.99 (15 capsules). According to distributors, this capsule formula is clinically tested (however, no clinical test results are provided). This formula is also claimed to help you “feel clean inside.” Since 15 capsules are included, you likely need to take five capsules daily for three days.

Unfortunately the ingredients for the 3-Day Red Carpet Diet product are not provided. Therefore it is unknown what core components make this product effective. According to dealers, the Red Carpet Diet encourages a flatter abdomen, less bloating, and heightened energy levels. Put simply, this capsule formula helps flush out the digestive tract. Although Red Carpet Diet is mentioned to contain diuretic herbs, they are not revealed. It is likely that this product contains high levels of caffeine, which is a diuretic. It simply helps users flush waste from their colon or large intestine, which will minimize bloating.

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  • This weight loss capsule may help flush out the digestive system.
  • The Red Carpet Diet only has to be taken for three days.


  • The ingredients used in this formula are not revealed.
  • There are no clinical trial results posted to support Red Carpet Diet.
  • No before and after photos are provided.
  • This weight loss product may cause side effects.
  • There is no mention of a refund option with Red Carpet Diet.


Overall, there is really no solid reason to choose Red Carpet Diet capsules for shedding unwanted weight. After reviewing the minimal information provided on this product, it is clear that the manufacturer does not want to reveal much. While Red Carpet Diet is said to contain diuretic herbs, these herbal components are not revealed. Also, there are no before and after photos, or a refund option offered for this product. It is certainly a good idea to check into other weight loss products on the current market.

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