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Red Exerciser is a piece of exercise equipment marketed to help people trim and tone their abdominal or core area. The equipment is suppose to offer a more comfortable way to exercise than traditional sit-ups, crunches, and planks. The manufacturer of Red Exerciser touts these traditional methods as causing pain and frustration and that their equipment will alleviate this pain. The Red Exerciser is suppose to provide a different exercise option to obtain the same results. This equipment is one option among several that are now on the fitness market. Red Exerciser claims the device will yield many more benefits other than a toned midsection. According to product promotionals, the Red Exerciser will promote overall wellness, provide an increase in energy, improved self-esteem, weight loss, a loss of body fat, and increase muscle tone.

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Product Features

The Red Exerciser is a simple piece of exercise equipment that looks like a small, collapsible stool with handles on each side. While sitting on the cushioned seat, users grip the handles to their sides. They user holds with a firm grip for stability and then lift their legs off the ground and begin to rotate on the swivel seat. The seat has variable resistance adjustments to allow for easier or more difficult swiveling motion. As users progresses through the resistance stages, the twisting motion is supposed to tone and sculpt the upper and lower abdominal muscles, the obliques, and the lower back. The Red Exerciser is designed as a small device that can be stored and used almost anywhere. There are no independent research studies that can be located to attest to the results this product yields.

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  • Red Exerciser appears to be based on generally accepted workout theories.
  • Red Exerciser promotes activity as a path to physical fitness.
  • Red Exerciser doesn’t promise miracle results without dedication.


  • Red Exerciser may not provide as much resistance as traditional exercise methods.


The Red Exerciser is a piece of equipment that is suppose to help people achieve abdominal exercises. The Red Exerciser is suppose to allow the user achieve toned muscles in the midsection. This and other similar exercisers may not be able to produce the promised results when used alone but may be adequate supplements to other components of a workout routine. A nutritional diet and cardiovascular training are also important elements for general good health and physical fitness. People who consider adding the Red Exerciser to their fitness routine may wish to consult a medical doctor or other fitness expert before they begin their regimen.

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    Deedra fortney

    I bought the red xl fitness at a 2nd.
    Hand store. But it did not have the owners manual.
    Is there a website where I can download the owners manual to be able to print out?


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