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Not all diets and weight loss programs are about cutting calories and watching how much fat and sugar you consume daily. In fact, Red Hot Metabolism is one book that offers a different take on getting fit. This 87-page e-book aims to assist both women and men with shedding unwanted pounds of body fat in order to acquire the physique they have always wanted or used to have.

Like some other texts on the weight loss market today, Red Hot Metabolism attempts to educate dieters on core heat (thermo genesis) and metabolism. Since everyone has an internal furnace that burns off calories and fat from food, the Red Hot Metabolism method involves stoking that internal flame. This in turn encourages more weight loss.

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Red Hot Metabolism is a book written by both Shawn Phillips and Tom Bilella. This text focuses on seven steps to ignite your metabolism or “natural fat incinerator.” Unlike books that focus on cutting out carbohydrates, consuming less sugar, counting calories, and staying away from fatty foods, this approach involves beefing up your metabolism. This way you will ideally be able to burn off more fat and calories day and night. Not only does Red Hot Metabolism emphasize how other common approaches to weight loss are wrong, but it additionally elaborates on how mainstream diets weaken your metabolism. If readers follow the seven simple laws found in the Red Hot Metabolism text, they are supposed to benefit from a faster metabolism, more energy, a leaner figure, more body strength, and naturally, more confidence. This e-book sells for $30, and there are no supplement formulas involved with this approach to weight loss.

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  • Red Hot Metabolism is an e-book, which can be obtained immediately.
  • There are no potentially harmful prescription diet drugs involved with this method.


  • Some dieters may not like that Red Hot Metabolism is an e-book, which means there is no hardcopy sent to you.
  • The fact that no convenient supplement formulas are provided with this book may bother some dieters.
  • The results of Red Hot Metabolism vary from person to person, which means some individuals will not benefit as much.
  • This approach involves a rather drastic change in lifestyle.


There are countless texts and e-books at your disposal for weight reduction nowadays. As with dietary supplements, there are a number of different approaches to consider. However, $30 seems like a lot for an e-book, which is essentially a PDF file. Secondly, many dieters prefer a more convenient supplement formula that actually suppresses hunger, increases energy, and burns off calories and fat. While some dieters may appreciate Red Hot Metabolism and the information it provides, it is not a weight loss method we would recommend.

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