Red Mill Soy Protein Powder Review

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Bob’s Red Mill is an Oregon based company producing more than 400 products, with a particular emphasis on gluten free and whole grain flours, cereals and baking mixes. Its mills are over 100 years old, and their commitment to old fashioned methods of production such as grinding by sharpened quartz millstones rather than by steel roller or hammer mills, reportedly produces a much finer and superior result.

Red Mill Soy Protein Powder claims to offer over 75% protein, and can be used as a nutritional boost when added to food and drinks, sprinkled over cereals or soups, used as a thickening additive to pasta sauces, or diluted to make high-protein shakes, smoothies and juices. One serving also offers 11mg of soy isoflavones.

Made by removing sugars from hulled and defatted soybeans, the concentrate is soybean minus water soluble carbohydrates. It keeps best either refrigerated or frozen.

Red Mill Soy Protein Powder retails in a hefty block of four 28 ounce packages and there is clearly a belief on the part of the manufacturers that this product can and should become essential to every aspect of a balanced diet.


Isolated soy protein.

Product Features

In October 1999, the FDA allowed manufacturers to label their Soy protein products as Heart Healthy, on the basis that they substantially reduce the risk of heart disease. Besides boosting the nutritional value of many foods, Soy protein powder offers a simple and convenient way to reach the amino acids necessary for body growth and maintenance. Of all vegetable proteins, Soy protein powder amino acid composition is the most complete. The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), based on a product’s ability to supply and precede these essential amino acids, rates as a perfect 1.0.

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  • Offers over 75% protein.
  • Disperses readily in liquid.
  • No cholesterol.


  • 20 calories per serving.
  • Unpleasant flavor can sometimes be detected.
  • Soybean is rated as the second most allergic food for humans, behind peanuts.


It is difficult to make a product like this glamorous. It is a delivery system for straight protein, pure and simple. While Bob’s Red Mill Soy Protein Powder does avoid many of the disadvantages of Whey protein supplements such as being more environmentally friendly and relying not at all on the dairy industry as a source, the taste suffers slightly by comparison to its Whey based competitors.

Currently, there is also some debate in the scientific community about the potential side effects of soy protein powder, with one study finding that ingesting 56g per day can cause as much as a 4% decline in serum testosterone. Other studies, though, have questioned the accuracy of this finding. Contrary to some earlier claims, the American Heart Association has determined that soy isoflavones do not help prevent cancers of the breast, uterus or prostate. Nor do they reduce post-menopausal “hot flushes” in women.

Red Mill Soy Protein Powder’s sheer usefulness is difficult to deny. The product stands out among its competitors, however the actual benefits may benefit from further long-term investigation.

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