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Red Shred is a fat burning supplement from MRI, sold through GNC. If you are looking for a fat burner to use to help you reach your weight loss goals, take a look at this review to learn more about the product before you go out and buy it. You may be surprised at what you learn.

List of Ingredients

Red Shred contains the following ingredients:

  • Chromium from Chromium Picolinate and Phase 2
  • MRI RED SHRED Proprietary Blend: Metabolic Calorie Restrictor, Phase- 2 -White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) Super CitriMax® (Garcinia Cambogia)(fruit)
  • Thermogenic Thruster: Caffeine (as Caffeine Anhydrous) Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum frutescens)(seed) Green Tea extract (Camellia sinensis)(leaf)
  • White Tea extract (Camellia sinensis)
  • Green Coffee extract (Coffee arabica)(bean)
  • Kola nut extract (Cola acuminata)(seed)
  • Fat Loss Igniter:Green Tea Extract (Standardized EGCG)(Camella sinensis)(leaf) IGOB131 (Irvingia gabonensis)(seed)

Product Features

Red Shred is available from the GNC website for just $19.99 a bottle. If you are a gold card member, you can get this supplement for just $15.99. While the price is certainly affordable, we are not sure if the ingredients in the formula are strong enough to provide any real results. While there are some good ingredients in the formula: white kidney bean extract, garcinia cambogia, green tea, caffeine, and cayenne pepper extract, these ingredients must be used in high amounts before they can produce their clinically proven results. With the proprietary blend, we cannot see how much of each ingredient they are using in the formula and are willing to bet that based on the price, there is certainly not enough of each ingredient used to make a difference. White kidney bean helps address the absorption of carbs, so you don’t get as many calories from it. Chromium will help stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent cravings for sugary and carb heavy foods. Caffeine, green tea, and cayenne pepper are all fat burners.

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  • Red Shred contains clinically proven ingredients.
  • This supplement is affordably priced.


  • Red Shred hides their ingredient amounts in a proprietary blend.
  • This product likely does not include enough of each ingredient to produce results.
  • Diet and exercise are not encouraged with this supplement.
  • There are no free trials of this supplement.
  • This product is met with mixed reviews.


Red Shred looks like it could be a quality product, and it very well may work for some people who are highly dedicated to eating a balanced diet and working out on a regular basis. The people who rarely exercise or do not pay attention to what, how much, and when they eat are going to be much less likely to see results with something like this because it certainly does take a lot of work and dedication.

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