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ReddRox is a manufacturer that provides supplements to help athletes and non athletes sustain a healthy hydration level. Lisa Maria is the founder of the ReddRox company and started the line of products. The founder is suppose to be an avid runner and mother. Ms. Maria states this is how she knew there was a need for a natural, chemical free hydration method. She said this became apparent when her child was diagnosed with anemia and told to drink common sports drinks. Ms. Maria did not approve of giving her child the amount of chemicals found in the commons sports drinks so she began to look for an alternative. During this process, she found the benefits of a plant called Red Bush, which is native to South Africa. It is thought that this plant is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to hydrate people easily.

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ReddRox is a product created to provide hydration without chemicals. It is supposedly designed to provide people’s bodies the liquids needed through a natural and pure product. ReddRox company offers several options in their product line. Listed here are some of the most commonly found ReddRox products, they are: Single Serving Sticks РReddRox Cannister, 25 sticks, ReddRox Six Can, (6 25 stick canisters), ReddRox Box, 200 sticks, ReddRox Box, 400 sticks, and Beverages РReddRox Beverage, Case of 12 bottles. The cost for ReddRox products will vary greatly from one provider to the next, the price will depend on where they are purchased. However, they are available directly from the company or from several local retailers. ReddRox can be found for about $28.68 for a 12 pack of bottles, $29.95 for a 25 stick canister, and around $195 for a box of 200 sticks.

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  • ReddRox products utilize all natural ingredients.
  • ReddRox allows the user to become hydrated without taking in a lot of extra chemicals.


  • ReddRox does not offer any research data or clinical testing results to support their claims.
  • ReddRox can be hard to find locally.
  • ReddRox meets can be costly if the user needs to consume a large amount.


ReddRox claims that the products made by this company can help to promote hydration without the chemicals commonly found in sports drinks. The ReddRox beginnings came to be because the foudner was attempting to fill a need and discovered others may benefit as well. The claims of ReddRox have not been substantiated by any outside third party sources so the claims are inconclusive. The supplement comes from South African Red Bush and is said to contain all natural ingredients..

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3 User Reviews about ReddRox

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    L A Henry

    Can you tell me where I can buy it? The corporate website no longer exists, and every other site is out of stock.


    T Scott Walker

    it is now available as RedHart H2O in Bushnell Florida


    Alisa Espisito

    I can’t find it on the web, I live in Baltimore, MD. Can you help me to find out where to buy?